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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vol. IV No. 424 Part 3

Joe Rodrigues:

NRA says to hell with the Constitution

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(Dec. 21, 2012) – A week after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, the National Rifle Association finally broke its silence.
On Friday, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre tried to out-blame the gun-blamers. He focused his attention on Hollywood. He focused his attention on violent video games. He focused his attention on the media.
But somewhere in the midst all that finger-pointing, LaPierre did manage to slip in one policy proposal.
Armed guards stationed in every American school.
OK, maybe an armed, uniformed goon roaming school hallways makes sense.
Or not.
But we find the real kicker in his preferred methodology for getting this done.
“I call on Congress today to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation.”
So Wayne, please show me the enumerated power authorizing Congress to fund police officers in schools.
I’ll pause for a moment here.
It simply doesn’t exist.
School security clearly falls within the “numerous and indefinite” objects James Madison insisted were left to the states and the people. It’s simply not a federal issue.
So, once again we find a supposedly “conservative” figure running to the federal government to advance his agenda, despite the blatant unconstitutionality of the action. Odd behavior for the leader of an organization that defines itself by a constitutional provision. If LaPierre thinks Congress can just “do stuff “without any constitutional authorization, I wonder what makes him think they have to pay one iota of attention to the Second Amendment?
Adding to the creepy factor here – and now you will see why I used the term “goon” earlier – check out who Wayne tapped to head up this little endeavor. He appointed former, DEA Administrator and Department of Homeland Security official Asa Hutchinson as director of the National School Shield.
The federal police state – coming to a kindergarten class near you!
The thought of a gunman indiscriminately shooting children in an elementary school tears at all of our hearts. No American ever wants to see something like this happen again. But as I argued previously, we cannot allow our grief and calls to “do something” to drive us toward unconstitutional solutions that will lead to more power centralized in D.C. That poses a far greater danger to America than any deranged shooter.
The gun-ban-nuts want to ignore the Constitution and strip away rights protected by the Second Amendment.
Not surprising.
But now we have the “conservative” response – equally destructive to the Constitution.
Seems to me we have a pair of cures far worse than the problem.
Michael Maharrey [send him email] is the Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. He proudly resides in the original home of the Principles of '98 - Kentucky. See his blog archive here and his article archive here. He also maintains the blog, Tenther Gleanings.
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ChrisSwenson 5 pts
I understand the concern with blatantly having congress make the necessary appropriations to putting armed officers in the schools.  However I also see GOA making just as ridiculous or worse comments about armed elementary teachers and blaming the gun free zone for the shooting.  Few teachers are going to willingly take up arms.   This is a problem I fear without a solution.  Whenever someone has the mind to cause mayhem and destruction without regard for their own life, they are going to be able to do it.  Taking arms will not prevent it.  Armed guards may help, so at least the NRA's idea does make some sense.
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bloomofyouth 5 pts
Wayne LaPierre was simply saying that if you want to protect these kids "right now" then there needs to be armed security (temporarily) until the states can decide how they want to better protect students. It is going to take legislators in each state several weeks or a few months to decide on a plan at the state level (which they are working on now). The NRA is not saying it should be a police state environment in schools with armed police funded by the feds. For "right now" until the states can get it together, it sure would help. Teachers who have a handgun carry permit or who want to get one, should be able to carry concealed in school to protect the kids. If we trust them enough to shape & mold our kids minds, we should trust them with a handgun. If you don't trust them, perhaps they should not be working in schools in the first place. The NRA's National School Shield program does not depend upon massive state funding and will be comprised of volunteers from the community. 
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AnthonyJamesPalumbo 6 pts
@bloomofyouth The General gov't is the worst entity to temporarily have this program. The General gov't has nothing, owns nothing, and has no money, except what three people in the States give them. The General Gov't has no authority to temporarily have any influence in the schools, yet alone to cause another problem through their power. You right, I don't trust the General gov't to do anything in the schools, so I don't trust them to be with or have influence over any school child.
REPLYLIKEMichael Boldin
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Michael Boldin
Michael Boldin 107 pts
 bloomofyouth Violations of the Constitution are always for "right now" - for some emergency.  But they never give back the power given to them.  don't fall for these tricks!
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onetenther 28 pts
I would like to point out that there are many smaller organization similar to the NRA that are purely on a local level.  I happen to run into one at a gun show and they told me they did such a good job that the NRA left the state.  The person, from what I was able to gather, understood more about the tenth amendment than the average NRA person.  Unfortunately, the NRA is so big they tend to gobble up all the attention.
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MichaelBrady 5 pts
You leftwing morons pick now to worry about the constitution? That seems a little strange. This could make you hypocrites also.
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AnthonyJamesPalumbo 6 pts
@MichaelBrady Who are you referring to?
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Mike Maharrey
Mike Maharrey 22 pts
 MichaelBrady I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is the first time you've come across the Tenth Amendment Center. We are not "left wing." Our tenacious opposition to Obamacare would make us pretty piss-poor left wingers. On the other hand, we're not "right-wingers" either. In fact, we refuse to allow the political establishment pigeon-hole us into its silly boxes. We stand for one thing - follow the Constitution, every issue, every time, no exception, no excuses. And we've been standing consistently on this principle for a long time, since 2006, in fact.
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Sean W
Sean W 5 pts
Conservatives are not conservative . They care nothing about The Constitution unless it suits thier agenda . You need to look to Libertarians for that . This doesn't surprise me .
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AnthonyJamesPalumbo 6 pts
@Sean W Unfortunately, most libertarians also support the incorporation doctrine. I'm fact, many libertarians also support full incorporation of the first 8 Amendments.
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Mike Maharrey
Mike Maharrey 22 pts
 AnthonyJamesPalumbo  Sean Just for the record - I do not support incorporation. In fact, I will be publishing an article on that subject in the very near future!
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AnthonyJamesPalumbo 6 pts
@Mike Maharrey Awesome. To be clear, I was not in any way suggesting you even nudged at supporting incorporation. If that came across, I didn't mean for it to. I was just adding that that is my problem with how the NRA goes about proporting to be defending gun rights.
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Mike Maharrey
Mike Maharrey 22 pts
 AnthonyJamesPalumbo  Mike I didn't think you were. Just wanted to be clear for all of the readers. And you are absolutely right. More federal power is not the solution to any problem!
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onetenther 28 pts
 Mike Maharrey  AnthonyJamesPalumbo  Sean I really believe that the priviliges and immunities clause are not referring to freedoms as the writers always believed in the fact that rights are associated with our natural existence so it can't be referring to supposed positive grants from the first amendment.  I believe this is an equality under the law provision where they are referring to how the law treats each person.  



Legal Notice

Personal Opposition and Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2012--0064 Continued Opposition to Depleted Uranium in Hawaii from one of the Landowners, Amelia Gora, a Royal person

Amelia Gora <theiolani@gmail.com>Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 7:35 PM
To: Amelia Gora <theiolani@gmail.com>
Bcc: imua-hawaii@hawaii.rr.comMichael.Kennedy@nrc.govRoy.Hawkens@nrc.govAnthony.Baratta@nrc.goveveretto@oha.orghi02ima@mail.house.gov,repevans@capitol.hawaii.govHearing.Docket@nrc.govKimberly.Sexton@nrc.govkent.herring@us.army.milKatie.Tucker@nrc.gov,OGCMailCenter.Resource@nrc.govOCAAMAIL.Resource@nrc.govJA@interpac.netangelarosa48@hotmail.comhawaiianhistory@gmail.commh@interpac.net,Catherine.Scott@nrc.govBrett.Klukan@nrc.govdfly@dragonflyranch.comEmile.Julian@nrc.govgovernor.lingle@hawaii.commocainfo@honolulu.gov,hpd@honolulu.govhpd@honolulupd.org, Web Japan <webmaster@web-japan.org>, john.maguire@rfi.frpresident@whitehouse.govcomments@whitehouse.gov,comments@foxnews.com, Irish Government <support@www.gov.ie>, Switzerland Government <webmaster@admin.ch>, ksinfo@ksbe.com,webmaster@ksbe.comwebmaster@dbkl.gov.mywebmaster@usdoj.gov, Amelia Gora <theiolani@gmail.com>



        Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2012 - 0064  posted by Amelia Gora, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs,  House of Nobles -Ko Hawaiian Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom -Affidavit/Notice of Lien(s)- FOR THE RECORDS  
Greetings Everyone,
The following is a brief history which affects all lands in the Hawaiianarchipelago/Hawaiian Islands/Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii/KoHawaii Pae Aina:
1)  The Royal Families exists, which means the true land owners are here, have been here because Kamehameha's descendants/heirs existed in 1819 living mostly on the Big Island, and Maui.
Kamehameha died in 1819.  He was one of the descendants/heirs of leaders who ruled the Hawaiian Islands for more than 3,000 - 5,000 years.
2)  Kekaulike of Maui's descendants assisted in supporting the young King Liholiho/Kamehameha II, and future King Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III.
The Kahu/caretaker/Kuhina Nui's were Kalanimoku and his cousin, one of the widows of Kamehameha named Kaahumanu.  
Kalanimoku's descendants/heirs including his brothers descendants/heirs existed then and their descendants exists today.  Kaahumanu's siblings descendants/heirs existed then and exists today.
Kamehameha had formed a Pacific Empire which included Aetearoa and the Samoan Islands.
2)  In 1820 - The Missionaries /American Missionaries arrived.  They were actually Mercenaries/Parasites hired by the U.S. for purposes of assuming Paradise in the Pacific.
3)  3)  The Missionaries/American Missionaries were also accompanied by Masons/Freemasons who gathered with the intent to take over lands of a Monarchy Government.
4) In 1822, a Secret Treaty of Verona was signed by Austria, France, Prussia, Russia, the U.S., England, and the Vatican.  The purpose was to break down Monarchy Governments worldwide and to move towards One World Order/New World Order.  This Treaty was also in support of the Papal Bulls of 1492 - Columbus period.
 5) Animosity, Greed, Jealousy, Conspiracy, Treasonous activities have been documented over time.
6) Lies, deceit, criminal activities have been documented which involved the white/ Americans setting themselves in being assistants to the Royal Families, and soon defrauding the descendants/heirs/people/kanaka maoli.
7)  The assistants were the descendants of the missionaries/mercenaries/Parasites/Pirates with the Masons/Freemasons who also had a goal of usurping the Royal Families, and who were supported by their mother countries - U.S., England, etc.
8)  In 1849, a Perpetual Treaty of Friendship was made with the King/Kauikeouli/ Kamehameha III which included his heirs and successors and the U.S. President Tyler, his Secretary of State and Congress.  As a result of this Treaty, the U.S. Constitution of 1849 which included only 30 States was locked in place.  No President after Tyler could break the Perpetual Treaty which remains based on Kamehameha III and his heirs/families and successors who were also to be his families alone.
See HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Volume 2 Rex vs. Booth Case - which explains that the Hawaiian Government was a three part set up, two permanent parts:  Sovereign and House of Nobles, the third part being the House of Representatives.
7)  In 1876, a Fraud deed was signed by King David Kalakaua, a Mason/Freemason who usurped the rights of Queen Emma who was designated to be Queen by King Lunalilo.  The Deed was involving Pearl Harbor.  The King signed a deed conveying lands of Halawa to Mataio Kekuanaoa and Grace Kamaikui.  The King had actually signed deeds over to two ancestors of our families, both having died 7 - 9 years previously.
Note:  I did point out the Frauds in the Pearl Harbor Court Case.  See the hundreds of postings made about the criminal transaction, conveyances, frauds perpetuated by the State of Hawaii, Trustees of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools, and the U.S. Government.
8)  In 1884, The Justices of the Court soon became documented treasonous persons because they claimed that 'they made the rules, and their rules became the law'.  This admission of crimes was made after Bernice Pauahi Bishop died.
Bernice Pauahi Bishop was married prior to being married to Mason/Freemason banker, attorney, Charles Reed Bishop and had a hanai/adopted son name Opunui, one of my ancestors.  
Bernice Pauahi Bishop's first cousin was named as next of kin in her Probate.  She was an ancestor of ours named Kalola who was buried in Kawaiahao Church graveyard.  She was the widow of Kaaha, the Konohiki of Kawaiahao.  She also married Kalaniopuu's descendant.
Bernice Pauahi Bishop was actually half white, which means her father was NOT Hawaiian.  Pierce was documented as her father.  Oral history also documents that she was hapa- haole, half white.
9)  Known Americans were party to the conspiracies, treasonous activities which led to the criminal dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani representing a neutral, friendly, non-violent nation.
10)  Premeditation to take over Pearl Harbor was made by the U.S. President Harrison who was in collusion with Americans conspiring against the Queen, her subjects, and friends in the Hawaiian Kingdom.
Reference:  NEW YORK TIMES article 


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11)  Oppositions to Annexation was made by the majority of kanaka maoli.  Some kanaka maoli were paid off supporters of the Americans and were treasonous documented by Queen Liliuokalani, and researches made over time.
  1. Anti-annexation petitions - Petition 

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Searches related to kue petition
11.  Queen Liliuokalani, the Royal Families, Subjects, Kanaka Maoli, were under duress, stress, usurpation, coercion, intimidation, imprisoned, sent away as slaves, sent off to the leper colony, Kalaupapa, Molokai, even though many did not have leprosy.  The people were victims of genocide, mass murder, etc.
12)  Documented theft of assets by the U.S., England, J.P. Morgan bankers, International banks made.
Reference:  Newspaper clipping found in Queen Liliuokalani's files at the Archives, Honolulu, Oahu with the title,  "AGAINST MONARCHY".
12)  Admission of the crimes were made in 1993 as Public Law 103-150.
13)  Admission of the crimes via an "apology' was made by the Missionaries/Mercenaries/Parasites/Pirates Church(s).
14)  Admission of the crimes were made via the internet article written by a 32 degree Mason/Freemason.
 15)  Affidavits/Liens filed by our families which covered the Crown Lands which is to be taken cared of by our families as documented in the certified records.  Affidavits/Liens filed on all of the Alii lands which includes all claimed by the terrorist entity Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates, etc.  
16)  Titles of lands remain in our families, the Royal Families names through our ancestors who are part of permanent members of the House of Nobles documented by Kamehameha III/Kauikeouli.  This includes the Crown Lands.
Racketeering, piracies, criminal works have been documented, Genocide Activities List at the Honolulu Police Department has been recorded over time because of the ongoing wicked works made by Non -Title holders.
Criminal conversions, piracies, fraud, deceit, etc. has also been found and documented.
Abercrombie, et. als. are sitting on our families private properties, including Washington Place which was only a lease given for a short term, and then it is to be returned.  The Kalanimoku building is sitting on our families private properties, as well as the occupier/ pirate documented State ofHawaii Attorney General Office.  The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates office is also sitting on our families properties, as well as the fact that we are the Konohiki families for Downtown Kawaiahao and many of the properties that has the occupier State offices.
Rents and Leases are due.
The Perpetual Treaty of Friendship supersedes State Laws, etc.
The PLDC Project cannot progress due to the documented finds which shows that Premeditation against a Neutral, Friendly, Non-Violent Nation is on record, Admission of the crimes is on record, and the descendants/heirs of All of the Alii in Hawaii existed then and their descendants exists now.  Many of us are the true title owners of the lands in the HawaiianIslands for we have the bloodlines of many of the Alii and the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates, et. als. are Not Related to us and have played a significant role in affecting the banking system of Hawaii, the United States and the World due to their terror/ terrorist activities by transferring lands which they do not own, etc.
Genocide, stress, duress, usurpation, coercion, racketeering, conspiracies, treason is on record.
On this day, December 3, 2012, on the Island of Oahu, in the vicinity of Kukaniloko, I hereby state all the above to be true to the best of my research and knowledge.
                                                                   Amelia Gora, Kalaniopuu,               
                                                                   Kamehameha, Nuuanu,
                                                                   Kahekili, Kaumualii, John Young, 
                                                                   Isaac Davis, Akahi,
                                                                   Mataio Kekuanaoa, Kalola, 
                                                                   Opunui, et. als.
                                                                   heir - also one of the title owners 
                                                                   of Victoria
                                                                    Kamamalu, Kekuanaoa's, 
                                                                   Kamaikui's, Peke Davis,
                                                                   Kekauonohi, W.P. Leleiohoku,  
                                                                   Charles Kanaina, et.
                                                                   als.   lands


Liliuo Free - BigEveryTime (BET)

by hiloboy547 months ago183 views
Artist: BigEveryTime Song: Liliuo Free Album: Universitile


Personal Opposition and Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2012--0064 Continued Opposition to Depleted Uranium in Hawaii from one of the Landowners, Amelia Gora, a Royal person  and Reminder of:  Personal  Opposition  and  Hawaiian  Kingdom  Records No.  2010-1500  Continued
Opposition  to Depleted  Uranium  in  Hawaii  from  one of the  Landowners,  Amelia Gora,  a
Royal  person which is posted at http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1019/ML101930401.pdf

One of the Most Controversial EVIDENCE of CRIMES AGAINST THE QUEEN AND ALII ....Pearl Harbor Deeds Made by NON-Title Holders and the Big Secret is that the True Title Holders Existed Then ...and Now..

The U.S.A. Government Owes Our Families Monies due to the Use of PEARL HARBOR.... the following is my, Amelia Gora research which was made in April 2011.
And Why Does the U.S.A./U.S. Government owe us?  Because I am one of the direct descendants of Grace Kamaikui thru her children Peke Davis AND George Hueu Davis (yes just found verification in COURT RECORDS only recently) as well as being a direct descendant of MATAIO KEKUANAOA thru his oldest son PAALUA whose siblings includes Ruth Keelikolani; Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV; Lot Kamehameha/ Kamehameha V; Victoria Kamamalu; Moses Kaikioewa; a descendant of Kalima his, Mataio Kekuanaoa's LAST WIFE KALIMA......who had children....am also one of the heirs of all of them................Issues remain.......because we are the land title holders, the TRUE OWNERS!:
Notice of ownership, billings posted here for the President, Abercrombie, et. als.
Evidence of the Existence of the Hawaiian Government follows:
The permanent members parts of the government exists today representing the Sovereign and the House of Nobles as defined in the HAWAIIAN REPORTS Volume 2 Case: Rex vs. Booth section on the meaning of the Hawaiian Government:

Explanation of the Hawaiian Government given in HAWAIIAN REPORTS 1863 Volume II in Rex vs. Booth
Read this Over and Over again, the Part about what the Hawaiian Government is.......the two (2) permanent bodies - Sovereign; and House of Nobles; and the last part which can vote and that third part is the House of Representatives............doesn't that mean that the entity State is operating on 1/3 function...........totally illegal.........this is ON RECORD! Maka Ala you Sleeping Giants!

http://maoliworld.ning.com/forum/topics/why-the-state-is-a-scam-wha... and above document, etc. served to the Attorney General, State of Hawaii Office and entered in Land Court Case on September 19, 2011, Judge Gary W. B. Chang.
Reference 2 - John Young's families claims, owners, true owners of Pearl Harbor:





- A Review -

by Amelia Gora, a Royal person (2011)

Halawa Ahupuaa which includes Pearl Harbor does not belong to the U.S. (Other areas include Pohakuloa, Schofield, Makua, etc.)

Halawa Ahupuaa, and other lands were given to English Counselor John Young/Olohana by Kamehameha.

John Young's descendants were his heirs (James Young Kanehoa, Keona Ana/John Young, Jr., Kamaikui/Grace Kamaikui, Kekela/ Fanny Kekela, Gina Lahilahi) as documented in his Will.

John Young's daughter Grace Kamaikui was granted Halawa Ahupuaa in the 1848 Mahele. Grace Kamaikui did have stipulations written in her Will in the event Queen Emma, an heir, left no descendants. 

Grace Kamaikui did marry Isaac Davis and had three (3) children: Hueu; Kale; and Peke Davis.

In 1876, A FRAUD deed was made by King David Kalakaua who did sign a Constitution which his sister Princess Liliuokalani (later Queen Liliuokalani) dubbed the "Bayonet Constitution" because he signed the documents under duress, coercion, stress, usurpation and had a gun pointed at his head at the time.

The Deed was made out to Mataio Kekuanaoa and Kamaikui. Mataio Kekuanaoa died in 1868 and Kamaikui, the true land owner died in 1866 or 8-10 years BEFORE the FRAUD Deed.... How can an elected King deed out land that was already secured to Grace Kamaikui and her descendants forever?

Since Queen Emma did not have the ownership to HALAWA because she left no surviving descendants, the lands are owned by the descendants of JOHN YOUNG, specifically GRACE KAMAIKUI whose descendants are part of the bloodlines of ISAAC DAVIS, another English man and another Counselor of Kamehameha. Their children were: Hueu Davis, Kale Davis, and Peke Davis.
When BERNICE PAUAHI died in 1884, it appears that a conspiracy was set by the Trustees of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates with Charles Reed Bishop and Friends to assist the U.S. by placing King David Kalakaua under stress, duress, usurpation, and coercion to add a phony/fictitious deed so that Queen Emma married to Kamehameha IV would be part of a deed covering KEKUANAOA/Mataio Kekuanaoa's claims and disregarding the fact that KEKUANAOA/ Mataio Kekuanaoa had a last wife named Kalima who has descendants existing today.

ALII/ALII NUI PHOTOS from the Archives

Note the following transactions which were found at the NEW YORK TIMES, and especially note the PREMEDITATION - Coaling Station document and the 1894 document highlighted which shows that the "United States occupation...."

The following are additional evidence of the Criminal deceit, Racketeering, Frauds, Lies, Terror(ist) acts of a Criminal, Warring Nations moves on a neutral, non violent, peaceful nation whose Royal Families existed then and descendants exist today:

1892 and other articles about Pearl Harbor in The Liberal - a Hawaiian newspaper and at the New York Times:

1893 - Premeditation article - U.S. Congress /President Standing Order


OOO appropriated for the improvement of coaling stations to allow ships to enter the harbor. This sum is in the Treasury Department at the disposal of the ...
query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res. .. - Similar

1894 - March.

WOULD OCCUPY PEARL HARBOR.; President Said to Favor Establishing a ...

 ... fund of $250000 placed at his disposal to establish coaling stations for ...
query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res. ..

1894 - October.
1895 - President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani:

  • PANAMA CANAL - Times Traveler Blog

    An explosion and fire trapped 400 men yesterday at a coal mine near Cherry, ... Fortifying the Middle of the Pacific; Pearl Harbor, Uncle Sam's New Ocean Home ..... Facilities Now Inadequate; Pennsylvania Station to be Opened Wholly ...Timestraveler Blog
  • An Interesting Analysis Judicates Lines Along Which a Possible War ...

    Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu,' has been selected for the "naval base.... that by fast steaming (for coal economy is no object here) a transport can get ...June 16, 1907
  • MUST DEFEND COLONIES; Gen. Gillespie's Report Sounds a Note of ...

    The degree of defense to be ,' coaling and other naval stations scattered all ... for the defenses for San Juan, Porto Rico: Pearl Harbor and Honolulu--. ...October 26, 1903
  • WILL FIGHT TO SAVE THE N.Y. NAVY YARD; Friends of the ...

    "It is the intention to develop Pearl Harbor, San Francisco Bay, ... The policeman did so and took him to the East Fifty-first Street Station. where Capt . ... The pier and bulkhead of the Robins Company and the engine room and coal yard ...December 10, 1911
  • WOULD ADD 18000 MEN TO OUR NAVY; Meyer Says They Are Needed to ...

    Mr. Meyer says. is the for large reserve supplies of coal... Vash.,'-arid Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. While arrangements have been made to increase the capacity and facilities of 'these station, a considerable additional appropriation is ...April 16, 1915
  • LACK OF BASES PUTS THE NAVY IN PERIL; Strategic Areas Are Left at ...

    Cathca. rt instanced Delaware and Ergansett Bays and the harbor of! ... which at present ,cn be[ docked only at 'ew York, Norfolk, and Pearl Harbor... a splendid base: it is as near to the ret railroad system and the coal fields as . ... "We also need a station in the Gulf. r there is no other way I should favor ...December 9, 1916

The PIRATE Trustees /the Treasonous Trustees Rewarded themselves with lands, monies belonging to the Royal Families who existed then and now. The Treasonous Trustees gifted the Provisional government turned Republic turned Territory and State with oppositions documented, and the U.S. government.

The PIRATE Trustees are recorded as Genocide Activists and are issues that the Hawaiian Kingdom government will have to deal with.

Meanwhile, the PIRATE Trustees/Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates Trustees/Queen Liliuokalani Trustees/Liliuokalani Trust Trustees/Queen's Hospital/Queen Emma and Kamehameha IV Trust Trustees/Charles Reed Bishop Trustees/ King Lunalilo Trust Trustees/Queen Kapiolani Trust Trustees/ Kapiolani Park Trustees/ King David Kalakaua's Trustees, etc. must CEASE AND DESIST from utilizing, transferring, selling, conveying, investing, etc.

Complaints have been filed with the Hawaiian Kingdom - Royal Fam
ilies House of Nobles (Hulu Manu), and many operating groups/committees of the Hawaiian Kingdom, etc.

The Honolulu Police Department has been given a list for the Genocide Activities List.
Note: The TRUSTEES in the past and present are nothing short of TREASON..............

Our Royal Families are not subject to the Laws and have sovereign immunities. No taxes may be charged on lands belonging to our Royal Families. 

The gold bullions, the gold "Coins of the Realm", etc. of our Hawaiian Kingdom must be returned.

The buildings built pre -1893 must be returned, etc.

Lastly, Rents and Leases are due/past due, the amount of $500 Trillion dollars in gold coins retroactive to 1893. A portion of that amount is for our Royal Families, the other portion for the Hawaiian Kingdom, the de jure government and subjects.

p.s. Am one of Kamehameha's, Kalaniopuu's, Kahekili's, Kaumualii's, John Young's, Grace Kamaikui's, Peke Davis's, Akahi (Bernice Pauahi's aunt), Kalola ( Bernice Pauahi's first cousin), Kaaumoana's (Queen Liliuokalani's true trustee), Nuuanu's et. als. descendant


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Hawai'i Forever - Hawai'i 78

A collection of images and video footage of Hawai'i with the song Hawai'i 78 performed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Kamehameha, Queen Emma, Victoria ...
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Right. In the lawsuit I helped Keanu Sai file with the U.S. Supreme Court, the Justices of the Court treated the Kingdom of Hawaii as a non-recognized Sovereign State  that is still in legal existence. So why should we settle for anything less under Akaka or otherwise?
Francis A. Boyle
Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820 USA
217-333-7954 (voice)
217-244-1478 (fax)
(personal comments only)



by Amelia Gora 
(Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands)
Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Liliuokalani   
Am a longtime researcher (30+years history, 22+ years genealogies, 10+ years legal research) and have discovered and documented that the U.S. in the Hawaiian Islands claims is a Big Fraud, a Big Lie! The following gives reasons why:

New York Times - The Learning Network Perpetuates and Promotes Erroneous Hawaiian History

Posted by Amelia Gora on January 23, 2012 at 8:20am in Politics


January 17, 2012, 4:01 am
Jan. 17, 1893 | Hawaiian Monarchy Overthrown by America-Backed Businessmen


Queen Liliuokalani was under duress, stress, coercion, usurpation, which makes the claims of the violators null and void.

Queen Liliuokalani maintained that the U.S. breached the treaties, and breached the Law of Nations. The U.S., England, departed from the Law of Nations and with the bankers formed organizations which differed from the Law of Nations and move towards One World Order/New World Order.

Oppositions to Annexation was documented by Queen Liliuokalani and her subjects (21,000+) - see http://libweb.hawaii.edu/digicoll/annexation/petition.html vs. 5,000 Americans and their paid off supporters - see PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: CHARLES REED BISHOP AND FRIENDS at http://myweb.ecomplanet/GORA8037

Opposition to the deed of lands/trust of Queen Kapiolani was documented against Princes Kuhio and Kawananakoa who failed to follow the instructions of Queen Kapiolani.

Opposition to the claimed Trust Deed by Queen Liliuokalani defended by treasonous person Samuel Damon, Curtis Iaukea, and William Smith was documented in the Will of Queen Liliuokalani. Colburn, administrator, failed to make corrections and did support the treasonous Prince Kuhio.

Queen Liliuokalani's true trustee's descendants existed then and exist today. Issues remain unresolved.

Families of Queen Liliuokalani existed then, and their descendants exists today.

Kamehameha's descendants existed then, and their descendants exists today.

Bernice Pauahi Bishop was NOT the last of the Kamehameha's. Her first cousins descendants existed then, and their descendants exists today.

Reference: http://www.opednews.com/Diary/More-Evidence-on-Pearl-Har-by-Amelia-... and other articles, books by Amelia Gora

Auwe! Genocide Evidence folks.......Send to many....Premeditation by the U.S. against a neutral, friendly nation documented.........fyi.............aloha. 


Reference: Article by Amelia Gora (2012) EVEN MORE EVIDENCE ON PEARL HARBOR
Even More Evidence on Pearl Harbor - Fraud Claim by the U.S. by Amelia Gora (2012)
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