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The Royal Hawk Volume II No. 289 Wednesday Weekly May 10, 2010
Education, references, documentation, research possibilities, etc. is part of the purposes of this publication. Empowerment comes with knowledge. Knowledge about issues in these days are very important. It is hoped that this information will assist in helping to resolve issues and meant to document history of our Hawaiian people, which has also affected free nations in the world today.
Because we are a genealogy based society, Hawaiian genealogical records are posted for your personal or family files. At times, genealogies of U.S. Presidents, etals. will be added when it pertains to political issues that affect many. Aged articles/ historical information, laws, etc. affecting us today will also be posted.
Ordinarily, the information presented are banned/limited/ eliminated from the recognized press or media companies controlled by government or many who perpetuate fraud, deviance, criminal malfeasance in Hawaii, Abroad and the United States.
All of IO-LANI - THE ROYAL HAWK - issues will be filed at the yahoogroups. com site, see Hawaiian_Genealogy_ Society-akg. or see www.theiolani. blogspot. com
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from Chris....many kanaka maoli are actually signing up with kau inoa for a free t-shirt!.... ...time for all of those people to rescind their signatures.. ...aloha.

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Hawaii for the kanaka maoli!
IMPORTANT - Please take notes on everything that Alex Luka says....Families, all Kanaka Maoli especially all of you!
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Presentation of Hawaii's Princess Virginia Kapooloku Poomaikelani ...the hidden Princess, daughter of Queen Liliuokalani ... Presentation of Hawaii's Princess Virginia Kapooloku Poomaikelani ...the hidden Princess, daughter of Queen Liliuokalani, heir to The Hawaiian Kingdom, and next in line to the throne after Princess Kaiulani. (more
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GRADUATION 2010 Ceremonies: 12 New Kanaka Maoli Doctors

- A Photo Record and Brief Overview -

by Amelia Gora (2010)

Twelve Hawaiians/kanaka maoli became Medical Doctors Saturday, May 13, 2010. This was a historical event because there are only one or two Hawaiians/kanaka maoli who are accepted into the John Burns Medical School each year.

The following is a brief record of the event:

Cousin Lawrence "Kelii" Gora, Lilikala Kaumeelehiwa (OHA/Office of Hawaiian Affairs supporters - which is Not aligned with what the majority of our family(ies) represent), et. als. opened the ceremonies with a chant:

They closed with the chant "E Ku Mau Mau". The following is an example of the "Unity Chant":


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(I'm pretty sure) Chant Lyrics: Leader: I ku mau mau Pane: I ku wa Leader: I ku mau mau I ku huluhulu I ka lanawao Follower: I ku wa Leader: I ...
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One of the speakers, President Obama's sister: Half-Sister Maya Soetoro-Ng gave a boring "me-myself-I" riddled speech, which had very little to do with the graduation.....she was like a kite that went high into all different directions and for a while got lost "out there" or as the locals call it "buck-a-loose"........a grave disconnect to the graduation ceremony ( felt embarrassed for her, then angry because I just wanted her to go away.......a torturous experience...then again, is OBAMA that way too? hmmm.... think I'd rather watch circus dogs jump thru hoops than listen to her again...;p)

Awesome graduates, patient, enduring, exciting, proud, admirable, intelligent, new Doctors (including Doctor Kim (my baby girl) too.....

An hour later at the Hawaiian Studies Building: Group Photo with Dr. Blaisdell, Doctor Kalani, na Kauka/Doctors - Some of the 12 New Kanaka Maoli Doctors after the Kihei ceremony.

The dinner was provided by the teachers, Hawaiian Doctors seen in the photo above.


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... CFES hula "cfes conference" "lopaka naone" "kealii gora" ...
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Cousin Kelii dancing.......video added as a closing touch.




Graduation weekend includes record number of Native Hawaiian MDs
Date: May 13, 2010

This weekend the John A. Burns School of Medicine graduates a record number of Native Hawaiian medical students in a single class, along with 53 other students whose PhD, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees are from JABSOM in public health, biomedical sciences, communication sciences and disorders and medical technology.

Advanced degrees are awarded at 3 pm on May 15 at the Stan Sheriff Center at UH Manoa; Convocation for medical students is at 9 am on Sunday, May 16 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort's Tapa Ballrooms I and II.

In the medical doctor class, twelve of this year’s 58 new physicians are Native Hawaiians, the largest single class of students of Native Hawaiian ancestry to graduate from the medical school. They include Kamehameha Schools graduate Jordan Lee (JABSOM 2010 Class President), and Marcus Iwane (The American Medical Association 2008 Minority Scholar).

Ninety percent of all students attending JABSOM's medical doctor program are Hawai’i residents, by school tradition. Physicians in the Class of 2010 will continue training in specialties they have chosen. Fifteen of the class will perform that training in the Hawai‘i Residency Program. Through the program, the medical school partners with major medical centers statewide to annually train more than 200 graduated MDs in internal medicine, general surgery, geriatric medicine, family practice, psychiatry (general, geriatric, child and adolescent and addictions), obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, pathology and orthopedic surgery.

In addition to the 58 medical doctors graduating this weekend, JABSOM is pleased to announce the following additional degrees being awarded at UH Mānoa’s Commencement ceremony at the Stan Sheriff Center on Saturday, May 15:

• Six Doctors of Philosophy (PhD)
• Two Doctors of Public Health (DPH)
• 18 Master’s of Public Health (MPH)
• Seven Master’s in Biomedical Sciences (MBS)
• 10 Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS)
• 10 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BS)

Graduation weekend includes record number of Native Hawaiian MDs

Date: May 13, 2010

This weekend the John A. Burns School of Medicine graduates a record number of Native Hawaiian medical students in a single class, along with 53 other students whose PhD, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees are from JABSOM in public health, biomedical sciences, communication sciences and disorders and medical technology.

Advanced degrees are awarded at 3 pm on May 15 at the Stan Sheriff Center at UH Manoa; Convocation for medical students is at 9 am on Sunday, May 16 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort's Tapa Ballrooms I and II.

In the medical doctor class, twelve of this year’s 58 new physicians are Native Hawaiians, the largest single class of students of Native Hawaiian ancestry to graduate from the medical school. They include Kamehameha Schools graduate Jordan Lee (JABSOM 2010 Class President), and Marcus Iwane (The American Medical Association 2008 Minority Scholar).

Ninety percent of all students attending JABSOM's medical doctor program are Hawai’i residents, by school tradition. Physicians in the Class of 2010 will continue training in specialties they have chosen. Fifteen of the class will perform that training in the Hawai‘i Residency Program. Through the program, the medical school partners with major medical centers statewide to annually train more than 200 graduated MDs in internal medicine, general surgery, geriatric medicine, family practice, psychiatry (general, geriatric, child and adolescent and addictions), obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, pathology and orthopedic surgery.

In addition to the 58 medical doctors graduating this weekend, JABSOM is pleased to announce the following additional degrees being awarded at UH Mānoa’s Commencement ceremony at the Stan Sheriff Center on Saturday, May 15:

• Six Doctors of Philosophy (PhD)
• Two Doctors of Public Health (DPH)
• 18 Master’s of Public Health (MPH)
• Seven Master’s in Biomedical Sciences (MBS)
• 10 Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS)
• 10 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BS)

Congratulations to all including my daughter Dr. Kim.........,much aloha.



The following is a major piece of evidence that all should know......the U.S. are NOT the owners of Pearl Harbor.................the descendants/heirs of John Young, Isaac Davis exists and who are the true owners..........NOT KSBE/Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, NOT the entity State of Hawaii, and NOT Warmongering U.S. who supported the criminal Americans/treasonous persons/conspirators along with the Congressmen of 1893, their supporters England, Morgan bankers, the Bank of England, etc. Hundreds of thousands died needlessly............Micronesians, Japanese (Nagasaki & Hiroshima - World War II), et. als. based on AMERICAN LIES/U.S. Government LIES/Congressmen's LIES, etc.:

Important article - Premeditation by the U.S. to assume our Hawaiian Islands found by researcher Shane Lee:



Important Videos:

at http://www.politicsfromtheheart.com/



Americans Need to Take Back Their Government:

The following new article was posted at OPED.com


April 29, 2010 at 07:38:20

Promoted to Headline (H4) on 4/29/10:


By Amelia Kuulei Gora Page 1 of 7 page(s)


For OpEdNews: Amelia Kuulei Gora - Writer


"Messenger" by Sudden Rush and Amy Hanaialii Gilliom

Reviewing the Kingdom of Hawaii's History shows the ongoing criminal moves by a belligerent, pirate based, imperialistic nation the U.S. supported by England and the bankers, J.P. Morgan, Bank of England, etc.

The 1493 Papal Bulls, combined with the 1822 Secret Treaty of Verona signed by Austria, France, Russia, Prussia, the U.S., England, and the Vatican consenting to move the people on earth towards a One World Order/New World Order are at the basis of the business of Wars.

The 1822 Secret Treaty of Verona signors complements the Vatican for maintaining OBEDIENCE amongst the people. The Vatican, therefore, are 'tools' used to subdue, keep in control through religion, pacify, maintain the "sheep-like" behavior of their followers.

The Vatican also claims ties to all Christian Churches and are associates of those Churches.

Other activities of control over the populations are through the Masons/ Freemasons including the Mormon Church; Hollywood through movies, television utilizing subliminal messages; music; video games, etc.

Chronological Review of History since Dethroning Hawaii's Queen in 1893:

1893 - Premeditation of assuming a neutral, non violent nation, Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii, was made through the standing orders of Congress via the NEW YORK TIMES article, "PEARL HARBOR COALING STATION.; IMPERATIVE NECESSITY THAT THE UNITED STATES TAKE POSSESSION.

January 9, 1893,Wednesday

Page 9, 1176 words

WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. -- The United States, through the inactivity of the Navy Department and the indifference of the State Department, is likely to lose the only coaling station of which it stands in real need. Nothing has been done since 1884, when the Pearl Harbor site in the Hawaiian Islands became available, beyond a number of surveys which have abundantly demonstrated the excellence of this harbor as a site for a naval station. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

Note: This article will open in PDF format. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader or Learn More

Note: the article was printed on January 9, 1893, the U.S. military left their Warship Boston two days before dethroning the Queen on January 17, 1893. The breach of treaty by the U.S., illegal acts creating duress upon the Queen and subjects/citizens continues as an obstacle, legal obstacles for the U.S. in criminally claiming the Hawaiian Islands as theirs.

1893 Panic of 1893 in the U.S. President Cleveland made a loan from the J.P. MORGAN N.M. Rothchild's Syndicate, which was formed in 1870. Suspicion was on President Cleveland due to his allowance of the Nation's money being in absolute control by private interests, MORGAN, Belmont, and the Rothchilds. The country was shocked by the huge profit that was rendered to the private interest.

U.S. was in a depression. U.S. had FIXED assets and bankrupt.

Queen Liliuokalani wrongfully "overthrown" but actually dethroned by American businessmen supported by the United States. Queen Liliuokalani's deceased husband was a MASON, her brother in law Archibald Cleghorn was MASON, her hanai/adopted sister's husband was Banker Charles Reed Bishop, a MASON. (Masons/Freemasons are set in place to break down Monarchy governments worldwide. Masons/Freemasons are a part of the soldiers of the New World Order/ One World Order goals.)

U. S. was in a depression. U.S. had FIXED assets and bankrupt.

Queen Liliuokalani maintained that the U.S. BREACHED THE LAW OF NATIONS. She also stated that the Provisional government made up of 3,000 Americans plus paid supporters, some Hawaiians/kanaka maoli included, was neither a de facto NOR a de jure government but an entity.

Queen Liliuokalani and 40,000 subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii were called "N*I*G*G*E*R*S" by U.S. Congress, newspapermen, etc.

The Provisional Government backed by the U.S. STOLE the Kingdom of Hawaii's treasuries monies, gold bullions, gold coins, etc. and with assisted the U.S. in FINANCING WARS ---Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II, etc.

Three countries questioned the Provisional governments violations. They were: SPAIN, JAPAN and GERMANY.

OPPOSITIONS by FRANKLIN PRATT married to Kekaaniau, an heir of Kamehameha due to her ancestor being a half brother of Kamehameha was made.

Notes: Franklin Seaver Pratt's sister was married to Charles Brewer II who associated with fellow PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC, Charles Reed Bishop and Peter Cushman Jones (son: Edwin Austin Jones).

Charles Reed Bishop was a banker, MASON, sugar plantation owner, investor in the Pacific Cable Company. Charles Reed Bishop owed the Kingdom of Hawaii millions of dollars due to loans from the government. The loans remained unpaid and only $179,000+ was left in the treasury with gold bullions, gold coins, silver, fees due, etc. Finally, Charles Reed Bishop was married to Bernice Pauahi who Americans claimed were the last of the Kamehameha's.

Note: The claim was based on FRAUD. Kamehameha's descendants existed then and exist now. The KSBE- Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/ Kamehameha Schools is based on criminal deviance, fraud, corruption, perpetuation of lies, and genocide, etc., as with the other Sovereign trusts: King Lunalilo, Queen Kapiolani, Queen Liliuokalani/Liliuokalani Trust, etc.

Charles Reed Bishop supported the five (5) Commissioners of the Provisional entity in San Francisco.

President Cleveland denounced the Annexation of Hawaii. President Cleveland was the first cousin of James Hyde Pratt. Albany New York banker whose son in Hawaii named John Scott Boyd Pratt married Sarah Dickson. She was Gerritt Parmele Judd's daughter, twin of Charles Hasting's Judd, sister of Albert Francis Judd, Supreme Court Justice of the Kingdom of Hawaii who participated, supported those who dethroned Queen Liliuokalani.

Henry A. P. Carter wrote to John Scott Boyd Pratt, New York Banker, to interest President Cleveland in the Annexation of Hawaii.

Albert S. Willis returned to Hawaii to speak to Queen Liliuokalani about her reinstatement providing the revolutionists/Conspirators/
TERRORISTS would be given a general amnesty.

Provisional entity, PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC, Sanford B. Dole and others refused to comply. He further stated that the U.S. had no rights to interfere.

President Cleveland did nothing.

The U.S. Senate conducted an independent investigation in Washington with affidavits or testimonies from the following:

O.P. Emerson; Peter C. Jones; Z.S. Spalding; W. D. Alexander, Lt. Lucien Young; E. K. Moore; L. G. Hobbs; W.T. Swinburne; Lt. Laird; Albert Francis Judd; W.C. Wilder; J.H. soper; A.S. Wilcox; C. Bolte; George No. Wilcox; John Emmeluth; C.L. Carter; F.W. McChesney; W.B. Oleson; J.A. McCandless; Minister J. L. Stevens; J F. MORGAN; William R. Castle; L. A. Thurston; Dewitt Coffman; M. Stelker; William s. Bowen; F. W. Reeder; Charles L. Macarthur; Adm. George Belknap; N. B. Delameter; Francis R. Day; Rev. R.R. Hoes; W.E. Simpson; N. Ludlow; and S.N. Castle.

Queen Liliuokalani stated that they were "Conspirators against my government." (Note: updated term for Conspirators is TERRORISTS)

MASONS were a secret society with one of the goals to BREAK DOWN MONARCHIAL GOVERNMENTS worldwide.

1898 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR- the Spanish were the arm of the Vatican. After the U.S. won, it appears the U.S. became the new "CRUSADER" for the Vatican who allows the "plundering upon barbarous countries".

Note: Claims, comments toward "barbaric/barbarous" Hawaiians were made by Americans in Hawaii.

1900 GEORGE MACY, American businessmen, investor in the MACY STORE California began working as the Head of the Internal Revenue for the U.S. in Hawaii.

Note: The MACY name claims to be a descendant of Kamehameha according to the Probate uncovered at the Archives. FRAUD/CONSPIRACY issues appears to be of issue. Research incomplete.

1917 Queen Liliuokalani was approached by the Protestant Church minister to have the Jurisdiction of their Church be granted to the U.S. She did.

The Protestant minister claimed they could not find the Queen's baptismal records.

Note: It appears the claim that the Queen was a barbaric/ "barbarous" nation was a claim attempted due to the Christian International Laws.

That failed because Queen Liliuokalani attended the Royal School, a Missionary School, a record of Mormon baptism was also kept.

Queen Liliuokalani was sent a letter from an attorney KENNEDY who stated that he would be able to help her out of the dilemma. Queen Liliuokalani dismissed ALL of her American Attorneys and basically stepped out of the Jurisdiction of the U.S. Courts and returned to her Sovereign status.

Queen Liliuokalani recorded that she did not get paid by the U.S.

MORGAN, head of a Presidential Committee claimed the Queen to be a barbaric person and assumed/presumed the transaction made to the President at the time of the Americans in Hawaii, the Provisional Government, was to be assumed by the President.

Queen Liliuokalani died. The President that Queen Liliuokalani had contact with DIED previously.

The LEAGUE OF NATIONS was formed.

Previously strapped for monies, the MORGAN bankers began making large investments.

MORGAN bankers invested monies for the U.S. and Great Britain, financed the Steel industry, etc.

1921 - The COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS formed with U.S. and Great Britain's members.

A meeting was held at the "HAROLD PRATT HOUSE at 58 East 68th Street in New York, the former mansion of the PRATT family, close friends of the Rockefellers. Soon afterwards, the day-to-day administration was taken over by Colonel House and his associates, including the Rockefellers and, particularly, J>P> MORGAN. The CFR's founding president was John W. Davis, J>P> MORGAN's personal attorney; the founding vice-president was Paul Gravath, from a law firm representing MORGAN; and the council's first chairman was the MORGAN partner, Russell Leffingwell".The Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are the same organisation, working on different sides of the Atlantic to carry out the same goals and agenda. Their members are in leading positions in government, including the Presidency, banking, business, education, military and the media."

One of the goals of the CFR according to former Admiral Chester Ward, a former US Judge Advocate General of the Navy ""submergence of US sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government".

1942 - THE UNITED NATIONS was formed. Fifty nations pledged themselves "to employ full resources gainst the Axis powers, not to make a separate peace, etc." in Washington. They signed a charter, which was written at the United Nations Conference on International Organization.

1944 - Representatives of the U.S., Great Britain, Russia and China met, planned, proposed and formulated to "deal with world peace and security" through a general international organization.

1945 A conference "United Nations Conference on International Organization was held from April 25 to June 26, 1945 in San Francisco. The charter was based on the proposals of Dumbarton Oaks Conference, a mansion in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. became INTERdependent with the UNITED NATIONS. The U.S. continues to be an arm of the Vatican "CRUSADER" validating Christian International Laws which plunders upon "barbarous/barbaric" countries.

1963 President John F. Kennedy was assasinated. He was in Hawaii meeting with the Mayors of the states. He informed everyone that the President would no longer appoint Mayors and the people would vote.

It was 46 years since the death of Queen Liliuokalani. It is interesting to note that the F.B.I./Federal Bureau of Investigations does a history check of only 45 years. A KENNEDY had notified Queen Liliuokalani that he would represent her.
It appears the Kennedy's knew about the UNRESOLVED issues in Hawaii having to do with the bankers, American businessmen, and Civil Rights issues because Hawaii's Queen was called "N*I*G*G*E*R*" along with others of color such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

President Kennedy was assasinated in Texas. Interestingly, Texas is the location where the sugar plantation owners in Hawaii moved to assume and occupy large tracts of land belonging to the Mexicans and backed by the U.S. government.
(President's brother Robert Kennedy was also assasinated. Martin Luther King, Jr. a Civil Rights Leader was assasinated as well.)

1980's Israel was looked as a "strategic asset" by both Israel and the U.S. "Israel's primary role was to lie low while Washington forged its anti-Iraqi ties with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even Syria. The president and his secretary of state, eager to deny Saddam Hussein's call for linking a solution to the gulf crisis to that of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, seemed intent on keeping Israel at an arm's length.

1981 June 7. Israel bombed Iraq's reactor site and stopped construction.

1990 March " U.S. and British customs officials seized a shipment of capacitors en route to Iraq. Capacitors are used as triggers for nuclear bombs."

March 10. "Iraqi revolutionary court convicts Farzad Bazoft, Iraniana-born British free-lance correspondent, of espionage after he visits site of military complex explosion; Bazoft is sentenced to death; British nurse who drove Bazoft to site is sentenced to 15 years in prison. Iraq ignores international pleas for clemency and hangs Bazoft on March 15. Britain recalls its ambassador from Baghdad."

April 2. "Iraqi President Saddam Hussein announces that Iraq posseses advanced chemical weapons and threatens to destroy half of Israel if it launches preemptive strike against Iraqi weapons facilities."

July 3. "Iranian and Iraqi foreign ministers meet in Geneva for first direct talks since August 1988 conclusion of Iran-Iraq War; no progress is announced, but leaders of both Iraq and Iran express optimism about permanent peace settlement in separate speeches delivered 7/17."

July 17. "Iraqi President Saddam Hussein delivers speech accusing Arab Persian Gulf nations of "plot" to hold down oil prices. Hussein sends letter to Arab League 7/18 charging Kuwait with stealing oil from disputed Rumaila oilfield straddling Kuwaiti-Iraqi border; Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz demands Iraq's $30 billion debt to Arab gulf neighbors be written off. Aziz travels to Cairo for talks with President Mubarak 7/22; they are joined by Jordan's King Hussein 7/23. Mubarak 7/24 visits Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, 7/25 announces Iraqi and Kuwaiti agreement to hold talks in Jidda, Saudi Arabia. At 7/25 meeting with U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie in Baghdad, Saddam threatens Kuwait and U.S. Iraq masses estimated 100,000 troops along Kuwaiti border; Jidda talks break down 8/01 after single 2-hour session."

Aug. 2. "Iraqi army invades and conquers Kuwait; Sheik Jabir flees to Saudi Arabia. U.S. President Bush 8/2 calls invasion "naked aggression," issues executive orders halting trade with Iraq and freezing Iraqi and Kuwaiti assets in U.S.; initially says U.S. military intervention is not under considration, but after meeting with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher 8/32 in Aspen, Colorado, refuses to rule out "any options". USSR 8/2 suspends deliveries of military supplies to Iraq, calls for withdrawal from Kuwait. UN Security Council 8/2 votes unaminously to condemn invasion and demand Iraqi withdrawal. France and Britain freeze Iraqi and Kuwaiti assets in their countries. Secretary of State. Baker and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze 8/3 issue joint statement condemning invasion. President Bush 8/3 says "integrity of Saudi Arabia" is "vital interest" for U.S. Fourteen of 21 members of Arab League, meeting in Cairo, 8/3 pass resolution condemning "Iraqi aggression". EC imposes trade sanctions on Iraq 8/4. Japan bans imports of Iraqi and Kuwaiti oil 8/5.

Aug. 6. "UN Security Council votes 13-0, with Yemen and Cuba abstaining, to impose mandatory economic sanctions on Iraq." U.S. Defense Secretary Richard B. Cheney visits Saudi Arabia for talks with King Fahd 8/6; Fahd requests protection of Saudi Arabia by U.S. troops and aircraft; deployment of U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia ("Operation Desert Shield") is ordered by Bush 8/6; 2,300 U.S. paratroopers"etc."

Iraq was a country of 18 million people.

"The Soviet Union provided the Iraqis with the biggest share of military equipment. The Iraqi Army was organized on the Soiet model and equipped by the U.S.S.R. The T-72 main battle tank, which was the heart of the Iraqi forces, was the Soviet Union's second-best tank. The Irai Air Force flew a number of Soviet MiG-29 fighter planes. The Iraqi Scud missiles that were fired at Israel and Saudi Arabia were an eary Soviet type officially called SS-1, "surface-to-surface missile-1." The name Scud was the NATO code name for this Soviet missile."

"The French were the second most important supplier. The best fighter plane in the Iraqi Air Force was the French-made Mirage F-1. Many of these were flown to Iran during the war and were impounded. These planes were armed with Exocet missiles, capable of inflicting serious wounds on warships. Exocets could also be launched from the patrol boats of the Iraqi Navy."

"A number of other countries provide parts of the arsenal. China had sold Iraq tanks, armored personnel carriers, and a missile called Silkworm. A German company provided the expertise to build a chemical weapons plant. There were even reports that the Iraqi had American-made Stinger missiles passed on to them by sources in Afghanistan."

"None of these weapons is cheap, so Iraq needed financial assistance to purchase them. They got it from a variety of sources. The U.S. guaranteed about $400 million in loans for food. This freed up money to buy arms. Saudi Arabia provided financial assistance while Iraq fought Iran. During the same period, Kuwait loaned the Iraqis over $6 billion."

1991 Iraq was defeated after a 100 hour war, even though Saddam Hussein promised "the mother of all battles".

2001 - September 11. Rockefeller owned Twin Towers collapsed after aircraft armed by U.S. CIA trained Alcaida personnel and innocents/expendables slam into the former Standard Oil Company now EXXON Oil Companies buildings.

Osama Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein, and others became the target called Terrorists by Oil Investor President George W. Bush, also a Mason/Freemason perpetuating the goals of his father former President George Bush coaching him into continued Wars against the Middle East for access, piracy(ies) of OIL disregarding People of Color, and viewing them as "Useless, Needless Eaters", "Terrorists", etc.

Calls for a review was recently made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday in Tehran "who said last month that the terrorist attacks in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, were "a big fabrication," wrote to the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, on Tuesday to ask him to open an investigation into the events of that day." click here=1&sq=911%20&st=cse

2003 Iraq was inspected for Weapons of Mass destruction. Missiles and others were destroyed at the time of the United Nations Inspectors.


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq "1,366,350"
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq: 4,711
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1,737
Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Depleted Uranium expert Leuren Moret: "Population is a political problem. The extreme secrecy surrounding the takeover of nuclear weapons, NASA and the space program and the development of numerous bio-weapons labs is a threat to civil society, especially in the hands of the military and corporations.

The fascist application of all three of these programs can be used to achieve established U.S. government depopulation policy goals, which may eliminate 2 billion of the world's existing population through war, famine, disease and any other methods necessary.

Two excellent examples of existing U.S. depopulation policy are, first, the long-term impact on the civilian population from Agent Orange in Vietnam, where the Rockefellers built oil refineries and aluminum plants during the Vietnam War. The second is the permanent contamination of the Middle East and Central Asia with depleted uranium, which, unfortunately, will destroy the genetic future of the populations living in those regions and will also have a global effect already reflected in increases in infant mortality reported in the U.S., Europe, and the UK"http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/kissy.html

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Leuren Moret exposes the Military in Hawaii
Leuren Moret exposes the Military in Hawaii
The US military has been using depleted uranium in Hawaii. For cancer maps of Hawaii go to: http://www.politicsfromtheheart.com More by Leuren Moret at ...
2 years ago 3,544 views

2010 - Washington named Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the axis of evil. Meaning the plans for perpetual Wars is at hand. Inducing potential victims (includes innocents in our Hawaiian Islands due to the criminal use of depleted uranium/DU, etc.) to surrender their right to self-defense under threat of nuclear annihilation. See Stephen Gowans article at http://gowans.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/nuclear-posture-review-2010/

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Reinvent the United Nations Part 1 - 4-26-2010 Democracy NOW!
Reinvent the United Nations Part 1 - 4-26-2010 Democracy NOW!
Democracy NOW! - DN! 1/4 - The United Nations is Beyond ReformIt Has to Be Reinvented the United Nations - Fmr. UN General Assembly President ...
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Iraq bombed mercilessly. It was not a WAR but a breach in contract from Saddam Hussein and the United Nations. The bill collectors was the United States a documente PREDATORY NATION.
INNOCENTS as with the other wars died needlessly. OIL WAS AND IS THE GOAL. (See backgrounds of the U.S. President and advisors/members of his staff). See issues of the UNITED NATIONS and others at website:
http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/GORA8037 especially see John Nelson's legal research regarding Americans as SLAVES, U.S. INTERdependent with the UNITED NATIONS whose goal is ONE WORLD ORDER, etc.

CONCLUSION - based on the above, there were no WMD/Weapons of Mass Destruction for much has been previously destroyed with the UNITED NATIONS inspectors observing as reported on the internet, and media.

In our Hawaiian Islands

The U.S. is viewed as a belligerent occupier, supported by the military which has historically acted in an aggressive manner with the intent to claim lands, monies, resources from a friendly, neutral nation, who holds hostage the innocent people of our Hawaiian archipelago utilizing weapons of mass destruction for firing nuclear weapons/DU/depleted uranium, target practice and claims to defend a nation(s) who has criminally maneuvered, created wars against innocents, is bankrupt, cannot Treaty or have a Convention with non-bloods of our Royal families, and fail to protect the lives and safety of their own citizenry, including the aboriginal land owners who legally owns the Hawaiian archipelago.

Since the admission of crimes in Public Law 103-150 signed by U.S. President William Clinton, it is and remains unacceptable to maintain any form of treaty, convention, pact with a neutral, non-violent nation under duress, stress, coercion, and usurpation.

An eviction notice was served. Time to leave is documented as December 2010.

The entity State of Hawaii are not related to our families. The Trustees of the Bishop Estates/KSBE/Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, stock owners of more than half of Goldman-Sachs currently under scrutiny by OBAMA, et. als., are not related to us.

Queen Liliuokalani maintained that the Provisional government, supported through conspiracies, piracy(ies) by the U.S. who breached the Law of Nations were neither de jure nor de facto and an entity. Meaning, the entity is a foreign corporation supported by the U.S. military which continues today in all parts of the world through the former Standard Oil Company which evolved into EXXON Corporation headed by the 911 Twin Tower Owners the Rockefellers who also gifted the land for the purpose of the One World Order/New World Order government, the United Nations.

In reviewing the problematic issues and exploring the evidence as to Why the U.S. Is a Predatory Nation, the return of the original Law of Nations must be made, the American citizens move to impeach all who follow the One World Order/New World Order government including U.S. President Obama, those in Congress, set up another Federal Reserve Bank which cannot be sold as stocks, remove all laws set up to 'protect the lives and safety of corporations abroad', retrieve the U.S. military from further 'protecting the lives and properties of corporations', close many of the thousands of military bases abroad, including those in the Hawaiian Islands. Military Power supports Corporations greed, the true Puppeteers since 1893 dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani from a neutral, non-violent nation, a friendly nation, a recognized Monarchy based government which was criminally usurped by bankrupt, premeditations of Corporate thieves, bankers, sugar planters, American businessmen supported by the bankrupt nations U.S., England and the Morgan and the Bank of England.

The U.S. breached the Laws of Nations, they set up the League of Nations, formed the CFR/Council of Foreign Relations with England, and the bankers (Morgan, etc.), and created the United Nations with funds from the Rockefellers, et. als. /Corporations. The Rockefellers are the permanent heads of EXXON Oil Corporation, an umbrella corporations over many others, which evolved from the Standard Oil Company which was charged with maintaining a Monopoly, then moved into foreign territory supported by Mason/Freemason lawyers in defending them and gaining support from Mason/Freemason Congress to assist with military protection overseas
while keeping the truth from their citizens.

The controls on the citizens by the Vatican/Churches, Hollywood, TV, media, etc. must be recognized as diversions by all.

Americans will need to support of laws opposing Corporations outside of the U.S. will further curtail the use of supporting U.S. militaries, lessen the thousands of U.S. bases abroad. For further information, see: Prof. Jules Dufour 2007 article at http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=5564

Lastly, Queen Liliuokalani prophesied that if the U.S. fails to make corrections (because the true landowners/heirs exist and maintain a neutral, non-violent nation, Monarchy based government as with many of the nations which were wrongfully plundered upon - Spain, Japan, Germany, Iraq, etc.), the U.S. will fall apart.


references: FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Volume 70 No. 1 by The Council of Foreign Relations, Inc.;....AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE by David Icke; WAR GAMES by Thomas B. Allen; OF MANY TIMES AND CULTURES by Marvin Scott;MASTERS OF CAPITAL by John Moody (1919) Yale University, Information Clearing House News, Stephen Gowans articles posted above, NEW YORK TIMES article on Pearl Harbor - Premeditation-found by researcher Shane Lee; CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY OF HAWAII, ABROAD, AND THE UNITED STATES by Amelia Kuulei Gora, one of Kamehameha's descendants - a Royal Person not subject to the Laws (part of the Hawaiian Genealogy Society affiliated with the Kingdom of Hawaii -impaired and Neutral status) and maintaining Antiwar position.

Am a descendant of Kamehameha, Queen Liliuokalani, Princess Poomaikelani, etals. from Hawaii. Am a 24 year history, 18 year genealogy, 8+ years legal researcher in Hawaii. Have written more than 25 books, am editor of the news on the web IOLANI - (more...)

off the forums:

Reply by Kaohi on May 12, 2010 at 5:59am

I can't believe I am reading this--
US Army uses Boy and Girl Scouts in PsyOps Exercise in Hawaii – potentionally exposing them to Depleted Uranium Hazards (DU)The mind is like water: when it’s still, there is reflection; when disturbed, no mirror.


June 9, 2007 2:53:49 PM HST
Sent directly to Girl Scout Council of Hawaii, Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America, and Girl Scouts of The United States of America, and International Girl Scouts, with witnesses in cc.

Now I am sending it to you… THE MEDIA, and The GOVERNMENT

I, Lisa Long (as a Girl Scout Leader and concerned American citizen), have provided to “Girl Scout Council of Hawaii” lengthy and detailed accounts of facts regarding Depleted Uranium (DU) and its hazards, including but not limited to:

Depleted Uranium’s real dangers admitted by the Army including Official Military training guides and videos;

photographic, newspaper, video and testimony evidence from around the world of Depleted Uranium horrors to people and the environment;

evidence DU travels for miles in the air; transcript and video links to Hawaii News Station KITV 4 broadcast of high radiation readings on the Big Island of Hawaii April 22, 2007 and information this radiation is likely emanating from Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA);

links to newspaper stories in the Honolulu Advertiser including one where a U.S. Army spokesman admitted the use of DU at Schofield Barracks and the possible use of it at Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island and this same official at the Pentagon stated they will conduct radiological testing this summer for that dangerous contamination at Schofield, Makua Military Reservation and Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island;

the potential of PTA being a SuperFund site and lists of SuperFund sites and links to information, including “The 2004 Defense Environmental Restoration Program report to Congress listed 798 military contamination sites at 108 installations in Hawai’i, 96 of which were contaminated with unexploded ordnance, seven of the military contamination sites were considered “Superfund” sites. These sites have not been cleaned up.”;

the Hawaii State Bill HB1452 (to test for Depleted Uranium) and its references;

links to rising cancer, diabetes, autism, birth defects data in Hawaii, down wind from military installations;

reference to the Groves Memorandum, a declassified Army memo of the deadly effects of radioactive weaponry that clearly recommended its development as a “poison gas warfare weapon”;

other declassified military documentation where the military has been proven to be intentionally misrepresenting its actions in Hawaii and around the world, especially where citizen and solider health is concerned, including its pervasive pollution of Hawaii’s scared peoples, lands and oceans with conventional, biological and chemical warfare agents (Project Shad, Project 112, Wai’anae Coast, Kaho’olawe, Pearl Harbor).

This information has been acknowledged, in writing, that it was received by Girl Scout Council of Hawaii.

The acknowledgment of the serious dangers of any likely contamination of Pohakuloa Training Area with Depleted Uranium, has been avoided by Girl Scout Council of Hawaii’s use of alleged noncompliance with their policies and procedures, and that has served as a strategic means for their corporate avoidance in addressing the real issues in falling to protect the children in their care from these risks as a by product of pursuit of their corporate image and public relations strategies and policies.

Therefore, let it be known that “Girl Scout Council of Hawaii” has been informed and have knowingly, willingly, intentionally and intelligently exposed the children of Hawaii (up to 35 Scouts and their Leaders) to the potential dangers and hazards of DU on June 8, 2007, as reference by West Hawaii Today, June 9, 2007, ON BASE AND ON TARGET, front page story.

Similar information was also provided by me to: Aloha Council, Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of The United States of America; West Hawaii Today, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Honolulu Advertiser, KHON2, KHNL, KITV, KGMB9, The Hawaii Channel, CNN, FOX News, ABC, CBS News, NBC, NBC News, MSNBC, USA TODAY, NY TIMES, PBS, BBC, News-Week, Globe, LA TIMES and hundreds of other news organizations; Governor Lingle and 107 Senators and Representatives of Hawaii and the United States.

As a result I, Lisa Long, hold you, “Girl Scout Council of Hawaii” accountable and responsible for any harm and injury that your negligence and total lack of leadership has imposed upon these innocents, our children of Hawaii.

I also hold these listed and other news organizations and Hawaii and Federal governmental representatives responsible for all injuries to all the citizens of Hawaii and the world for NOT reporting on the known and admitted hazards of Depleted Uranium and the pervasiveness of its use and its devastating environmental contamination worldwide.

In addition, I fully hold the Armed Forces and President Bush and Vice President Cheney, liable and treasonable for permitting, condoning, and suppressing this offense to our people and the people of the world.

Lisa Long, FORMER Girl Scout Leader
Concerned Citizen of America and Hawaii
P.O. Box 369
Holualoa, Hawaii 96725

background info –
Girl Scouts Hawaii, including many members, have been on this email list for many months…
The Real Concern –
Boy and Girl Scouts Day – Pohakuloa Training Area
Friday, June 8, 2007 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
In the past month on the Big Island a very high radiation air reading was
detected in South Kona. We now have news that the army is admitting the
Big Island may be contaminated.
This admission comes after KITV reported undeniably high readings taken in
Kona with the astute assistance of Leuren Moret, international consultant
in this field.

US Army uses Boy and Girl Scouts in PsyOps Exercise in Hawaii – potentially exposing them to Depleted Uranium Hazard (DU)

Lt. Col. Kim Rapaczy, (aka Hawaii Girl Scout Leader) invited the Scouts and their leaders onto Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) in a public relations stunt before the Army or the State have tested the base for DU, and after Hawaii Girl Scout Leader, Lisa Long’s repeated warnings and copious amounts of supplied scientific data, for months, directed to the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii and local and national media, state and national representatives, of the potential danger lurking in the dust, soil, water and air at Pohakuloa (located next to a Girl Scout Camp) as well as the dangers DU poses in other places around the world.

As others also warned the Girl Scout Leadership, Hawaii Media, Governor Lingle, and their State and Local Representatives and as a bill for testing for DU contamination (HB 1452) worked its way thru the Hawaii Legislature and then sat uselessly with no funding, there was scant attention paid in the media, and except for two articles by William Cole, Honolulu Advertiser Military Writer, a KITV report by Dick Allgire and Maui News, and a few small independent Hawaii Journals, the rest of Hawaii’s media was conspicuous by their continued silence.

As the date approached for the Scouts excursion to Pohakuloa, Hawaii Girl Scout Leader, Lisa Long worked urgently to gain responsible attention to the issue reaching out to over 1400 people on her almost daily list mail including almost all the Hawaii News Stations, Newspaper, and the national media, including CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX New, and others, to prevent the children of Hawaii from being potentially exposed to any dangers and to warn the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii they were opening themselves up to legal trouble if they ignored the warnings and the danger did indeed exist. Lisa Long urged them to wait until all the testing was completed by the Army and the State of Hawaii before they visited the PTA Military base. She also again warned the Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America, and the Girl Scouts of the United States of America the night before the event in a desperate attempt to get it cancelled.

For this proactive action Hawaii Girl Scout Leader Lisa Long, a former Service Unit Delegate and Voting Member of the Council, with ten years experience in Girl Scouts, was dismissed by Girl Scout Council of Hawaii, and told not to identity herself with them anymore as of June 8, 2007 (the day the Scouts were to visit the base). The reasons given were that she had repeatedly violated their communications policies and procedures. No mention was ever made by them nor any agreement expressed to Ms. Long about any urgency toward the protection and safety of the Scouts from potential exposure to the effects of Depleted Uranium. In fact, this was repeatedly referred back to Ms. Long as “her concerns” (. . . but not theirs) they never directly referred to the Girl Scout Camp (and its close location next to the base), the Boy and Girl Scout excursion directly into the Pohakuloa Training Area, and their communications director even refused to answer in the affirmative or the negative, whether the Pohakuloa trip was cancelled or still proceeding as Girl Scouts had planned. Ms. Long had to learn the day after she was dismissed from Hawaii Girl Scouts, that indeed the trip had taken place, as scheduled, the day before, by reading the front page of her local newspaper, West Hawaii Today.

She, and other activists and scientists around the country are outraged at the intentional disregard for their warnings to the media, and the Hawaii Girl Scouts, and are wondering just what the Army was doing inviting children to their base, especially when they had admitted Depleted Uranium was found at Schofeild Barracks, on Oahu, (after it was independently discovered) and they also admitted they were not sure whether DU was used at Pohakuloa on the Big Island. They couldn’t say for certain until after they completed testing for Depleted Uranium contamination with sensitive radiation detectors, in addition to taking soil and water samples for laboratory analysis as required, later this summer.

But first, on June 8, 2007, as referenced by the article and photo below, they let the Boy and Girl Scouts, some as young as Cub Scouts (7 to 10 years old), sift thru that same untested soil and play with that same, untested water, prior to the Army’s official testing, which wouldn’t happen until this summer. And according to the Army’s own documents, children are especially vulnerable to Depleted Uranium hazards.

West Hawaii Today, the local newspaper on the west side of the Big Island, was fully informed of Ms. Longs and many other activists concerns about Depleted Uranium, months and months prior to the Scouts’ visit and yet, they were totally silent on the potential risks to the children in their community and most of the activists’ letters, went unpublished. This type of silence is so clearly reflected in their article below. When it comes time to pump the military up, it is front page news. . . other than that, too bad for the children and the people of Hawaii.

Shame on them.. shame on you all.

Lisa Long
Former Hawaii Girl Scout Leader
Concerned Citizen of America and Hawaii
Living downwind of Pohakuloa

For DU Information see:


Alex Bratton of Boy Scout Pack 23, of Hilo, right, gets a chance at using the fire hose with some help from PTA Firefighter Roy Caoagdan. – Brad Ballesteros | Special To West Hawaii Today
On base and on target

Scouts at PTA see military environmentalism

by Kim Eaton
West Hawaii Today
Saturday, June 9, 2007 8:36 AM HST

Kauikeolani Pacheco did not know that nestled between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa sits the largest military training area in Hawaii. She was unaware of the rich cultural and natural resources surrounding the training area, or what was being done to preserve and maintain those resources.

But she, along with about 35 fellow Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, learned this and much more during an educational event held at Pohakuloa Training Area on Friday. The event was open to Scouts islandwide as a means of educating the young people on what PTA has to offer, said Command Sgt. Maj. James Murray.

“We hoped to give them a better understanding of the military’s role in being good citizens,” Murray said. “Now, they’ll have a small view of what a soldier’s life is like.”

From digging through dirt, finding artifacts and learning how to identify those artifacts to learning the different pieces of equipment firefighters sometimes use, the day was full of educational opportunities — and fun.

“We got to discover bones and plants, how firemen work and we got to check out the ambulance,” said 12-year-old Keanu Francisco. “It was cool. And blowing the siren was pretty awesome. It’s a very good experience knowing how the Army does things out here.”

For 12-year-old Kyle Hisanaga, sitting inside the fire truck was his favorite part of the entire day.

continued at link

New Theme at Hawaii Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts provides opportunities for girls to discover their personal best and prepare for a positive future, connect with others in an increasingly diverse world, and take action to solve problems and improve their communities.

Too bad the adult leaders get kicked out for doing just that…

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.â€
– Juliette Gordon Low (Girl Scout founder)

Not all of you got a copy of my “When a danger is present, time is of the essence” Depleted Uranium and Girl and Boy Scout Safety email day before yesterday.
It is included lower on page.

Kicked out for not following “policy”. No “Woman of Distinction” award for me.
You have to stay in the box for that.


Kaohi Permalink Reply by Kaohi on May 12, 2010 at 6:00am
Part two

June 7, 2007 3:56:43 PM HST
Dear Lisa,

We have not received a response from you in regards to our June 6, 2007 email and June 5, 2007 email & letter. We interpret this to mean that you are not in agreement with our requirements as outlined in our letter and are choosing to remove yourself as an adult participant from the Girl Scouts of Hawai`i. If this is inaccurate, please respond by the end of the day.
(They gave me an hour or two to respond (3:56:43) I am not sure when they close)

I responded (5:46:49)
Dear Tammy,

I responded at June 7, 2007 12:32:00 PM HST. (see attached below) (my long attached email “When a danger is present, time is of the essence” Depleted Uranium and Girl and Boy Scout Safety – had gone in 3 1/2 hours before I got the one above – it was my original response)
Any views and opinions expressed by me are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of Girl Scouts of Hawaii or the Screen Actors Guild, or anyone else. I am sending this my local activist list mail. I have not clicked reply to all (Girl Scouts). If someone is on my list mail, they are there as a local activist list member. Girl Scout email responses not included as per official Girl Scout policies.

I followed your policies by my disclaimer at the top of the page. Please read the attached email. Everyone else in Hawaii is.
BTW, you take 3 weeks to not answer an email directly, yet you give me 2 days to respond to yours. I see how fairness in Girl Scouts is dished out.

Of course I am going to stay a Girl Scout Leader. Someone needs to protect the Scouts.

Lisa Long
Hawaii Girl Scout Leader

— attachment removed
As nothing was getting done TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN, (besides dressing me down)
I sent “When a danger is present, time is of the essence” Depleted Uranium and Girl and Boy Scout Safety – to the Hawaii media and to Hawaii Boy Scouts, (I had also sent Hawaii Boy Scouts previous information about the potential dangers of DU at Pohakuloa )
Then I sent this to Girl Scout Council (I used to be a Voting Member of the Council so I found some old email addresses)…
June 7, 2007 8:23:46 PM HST

Dear Gail, other members of the Hawaii Council, and National Girl Scouts and other Girl Scouts;
Because Tammy Yamanoha has only give me a short time to respond, and because, obviously, her email address is not working as she did not receive my June 7, 2007 12:32:00 PM HST email, and because she already stated in her letter to me that they throw away a lot of the emails to Girl Scout Council of Hawaii email address.. (see below.)
I am taking this unusual move, and going directly to you all. Which is what she wanted anyway, as she wanted me to email the corporate structure and that is you.

And because Children could be in immediate danger… by Girl Scouts actions TOMORROW. (we just don’t know for sure, so why risk it?)
It is my duty as a Girl Scout Leader, and an American, to warn you of these potential risks.

I have CC and BCC to every girlscout address I could find (national email address from the internet).
Many are old, sorry if you are not interested, but, I believe this an IMPORTANT Girl (and Boy) Scout Issue.
Please read the information below.
Lisa Long
Hawaii Girl Scout Leader

(“When a danger is present, time is of the essence” Depleted Uranium and Girl and Boy Scout Safety and information on DU was provided, again)

After my LONG detailed email that I stayed up all night writing until 6:00am,
“When a danger is present, time is of the essence” Depleted Uranium and Girl and Boy Scout Safety
about Potential DANGER and after MONTHS of sending them information and links to study..

Here is their answer…. and it is just like the other letters they sent me.. POLICY CRAP.

Girl Scouts of Hawaii
For more information, contact us at the
Hawaii Council · 420 Wyllie Street · Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone 808-595-8400 · Fax 808-595-3006
E-mail gshi@girlscouts-hawaii.org (the infamous email address)


I like this one better, anyway…

“Well-behaved women rarely make historyâ€
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

From: Lisa Long
Date: June 7, 2007 12:32:00 PM HST
To: Tammy Yamanoha , Girl Scout Council of Hawaii
Subject: “When a danger is present, time is of the essence” Depleted Uranium and Girl and Boy Scout Safety

Some of you might get duplicates as I wanted to make sure you were included.

Any views and opinions expressed by me are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of Girl Scouts of Hawaii or the Screen Actors Guild, or anyone else. I am sending this my local activist list mail. I have not clicked reply to all (Girl Scouts). If someone is on my list mail, they are there as a local activist list member. Girl Scout email responses not included as per official Girl Scout policies.

When a danger is present, time is of the essence.
– Lisa Long

I am staying up all night, again, working to protect Hawaii’s Children.
I have been denied the knowledge of WHETHER BOYS AND GIRLS SCOUTS DAY IS STILL ON FRIDAY (tomorrow) AT POHAKULOA.

Girl Scouts wants to know whether I will follow their rules (see above disclaimers which address their rules and policies), before answering if they will even answer my question about Boys and Girl Scout Day At Pohakuloa. This email is my response.

(Girl Scout response not included as per official Girl Scout policies)
Re: Response to your June 5, 2007 email

Dear Girl Scout Director of Communications, and many many others,

I am glad it is not your intent to “keep me quiet” as stated in your five page emailed pdf letter dated June 5, 2007.
And as you can see by the above disclaimers, I am not speaking “for” you about my “personal concerns” about potential Depleted Uranium (DU) exposure on children.
In the above long pdf letter, you mention “safety” only four times… twice as part of your basic policies and twice in regard to my conduct in regard to your basic policies.
Not once do you mention safety in concert with protecting Girl and Boy Scouts from potential radiation risks from DU.
You call that, “my personal issues and concerns” and never address it directly.

As stated on page one, “the general well being and safety of Hawai’i Girl Scout members is of utmost importance to the Council.”

Great, that is why I have been emailing you, and many others about these issues. It is of utmost concern to me also.

On page 5 you state that when volunteers abide by your policies – the Council can best ensure the safety and well-being of the girls… and you also state on page 5 that “this letter purposely does not speak to any one particular issue you have raised; rather it focuses on your conduct.”

Why doesn’t your FIVE page pdf letter speak to the safety concerns I have brought before you?

You also state that “The manner in which you express your personal views is in conflict with the Council’s Adult Policies. By refusing to realize this and act accordingly, you compromise the safety and general well-being of our Girl Scouts.”

And just how do I do that?
Especially, as you acknowledge, they are “my personal views”.

How do I compromise “the safety and general well-being of Girl Scouts”, by warning Girl Scouts Hawaii, and other Girl Scouts members and other people, of potential danger?

And how is the REAL dangers of Depleted Uranium “my personal view”?

Oh.. that was NOT the purpose of your letter… so you are stating that by me not following your procedures.. I am compromising the safety and general well-being of Girl Scouts.

I take offense with that statement.
But, you were not referring to that.. you were referring to your procedures.. and policies, again.

You also stated on page 2 that my salutation: Dear Girl Scouts of Hawaii, was to the Council, and should not have gone to other Girl Scout Leaders, and others, who have no official position with the Council. Excuse you? You sent out a flyer, for Girl Scouts to invite their troops, to a camp out next to Pohakuloa.

I was addressing that email to EVERY GIRL SCOUT IN HAWAII, and anyone whoever was a scout, and anyone who knew a scout, Boy or Girl, who could be potentially put in harms way. I believe, they have a right to know when they might be putting themselves and others, in potential danger.

And just to make sure it got noticed, I sent it to our local representatives, Governor Lingle, local media and several hundred other people, as plainly stated on the email. After sending Girl Scouts emails for months concerning the possible dangers at Pohakuloa, you were taking children and camping next to it? Outrageous!

You also state that my email May 3, 2007, Example 1: does not list who it is from but the staff tried to answer it in a “timely manner.”
Yes, I received your email, May 24, about my concerns about the Twilight Camp May 26-27, which was never addressed, btw. Just my “conduct” was addressed.

You also state that the email going to gshi@girlscouts-hawaii.org is not assured that their email will be read without the proper name (see below) and because you get so many. That is interesting, as I went out to your official web site to get your official email address.

And, as you can see by my copy below in dark blue, my name is clearly stated in my original email to your official email address. And the subject line states “Girl Scout Twilight Camp” … so I would assume you would read it and not just throw it away, as you said you did and do, with unnamed emails to that official email address as stated in your letter.

It is a good thing I copied it to many other members of Girl Scouts, even though you find that an offense to your policies.
As it is, with multiple emails to over thirty Girl Scouts and Girl Scout offices, it took you three weeks to respond, and you never, to this date, have responded to “my concerns”.

As for going thru the local West Hawaii office, who would that be? We have not had anyone consistently in Kona, that I know of, for years.

I did notice that in my response to your first letter, in my enclosed copy of the original emails, the names were missing and the email was truncated. I would suggest you check the original emails. (one copied in full at bottom of page for your information)

Example 1:
From: Lisa Long
Date: May 3, 2007 10:33:59 PM HST
To: Girl Scout Council of Hawaii , senbaker@capitol.hawaii.gov, repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov, governor.lingle@hawaii.gov
Cc: Josh Green , senwhalen@capitol.hawaii.gov, Lorraine Inouye , Congresswoman Hirono , danm@kitvcom, Neil.Abercrombie@mail.house.gov, Leuren Moret , Lorrin Pang Subject: Girl Scout Twilight Camp – May 26-27, Kilohana.. NEXT TO POHAKALOA – IS IT SAFE? WE JUST DON’T KNOW!

In BCC: 40 Girl Scout Leaders including local Girl Scout offices in Hawaii and every Representative and Senator in Hawaii, many activists, 127 Hawaii Screen Actors Guild members, most of Hawaii news media, and concerned parents of GIRL SCOUTS.

And, as I have had scores of girls scouts on my list mail for a year, I would have assumed you would have been included in the loop of knowledge, especially concerning any potential dangers in Hawaii, to Girl Scouts, and by your own admission and as stated below, you were.

And just as you have received emails of concern “about me”, I have received emails of concern from parents and others, wondering what your response is to protect the children, as I stated in my previous letter. They are still waiting.

As for your wanting me to follow proper channels, I feel I did. When a danger is present, time is of the essence. So I emailed everyone I could find who would be able to help protect the children.

As this is a very important issue, and I wanted to make sure Girl Scouts was apprised and educated to the dangers of Depleted Uranium, and the potential of it being pervasive at Pohakuloa, including it’s ability to go airborne.

You also stated that you received numerous emails from my list mail, to various (Girl Scout) staff members, including as far back as my November 20, 2006 list mail; The Hidden Massacre of Fallujah / Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush / IRAN, so you must have also received;

(2007 List Mail Timeline, my comments in blue in timeline)

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
February 9, 2007:
DU BILL TESTIMONY URGENTLY NEEDED / Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You / Army made video warning about dangers of depleted uranium but never showed it to troops

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
February 23, 2007:
Hawaii DU Testimony Information / Impeachment proceedings against the President / Is Cheney Next? / McVeigh had high-level help / Impeach07 Campaign Launched

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
March 4, 2007:
The Military Interest in Hawaii Superferry / Sickened Iraq vets cite depleted uranium / Daughter of Soldier Contaminated with DU / 21,000 Troops To Become The Latest Guinea Pigs For Pentagon

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU)
March 9, 2007:
The Great Global Warming Swindle / Cancer link to GM potatoes / US to grow rice containing human genes (in KANSAS) / BEES MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARING ACROSS THE U.S. / DU explosions in San Fran / Fatal Side Effects of Flu Drug

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
March 12, 2007:
Support Testing for DU in Hawaii / The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq / It’s Article 5 Constitutional Convention time / Rove’s Involvement in US Attorney Firings Confirmed by White House

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
March 16, 2007:
Hawaii News – Strong support of HB1452 with HD1 and proposed SD1 / Depleted Uranium Contaminates Europe / America’s Perpetual Nuclear War / Hawaiian star wars

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU)
May 1, 2007:
McDERMOTT INTRODUCES DEPLETED URANIUM BILL (old) / Iran to Join US at Conference on Iraq / US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,351 / Why We MUST Impeach – A Second Look / Don’t Fire Gonzales / Cheney is wrong

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
May 3, 2007
DU Bill HB 1452 – Special Session Request

After all my list mails and local hawaii list mails concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU),
I was surprised to receive this from Girl Scouts.
May 2, 2007 (notice of future Girl Scout event)
Twilight Camp

My response was to remind, warn, and educate Girl Scouts and others, again… including Governor Lingle, that we have a DU Bill 1452 pending to test for the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) at Pohakaloa …
May 3, 2007
Girl Scout Twilight Camp – May 26-27, Kilohana.. NEXT TO POHAKALOA – IS IT SAFE? WE JUST DON’T KNOW!

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU)
May 8, 2007:
Study Suggests Cancer Risk from Depleted Uranium / The Truth About Autism / Trail of Poisoned Medicine / OUTFOXED / S1082 Update – Senate Stabs Americans in the Back / THE FUTURE OF FOOD

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
May 11, 2007:
Greg Palast and RFK in NYC / Noor: Let’s reclaim Mother’s Day for peace / 9/11 Truthers Should Thank Fox News / Majority of Iraqi Lawmakers Now Reject Occupation / Depleted uranium a Cold War leftover / Legislator concerned over Depleted Uranium in Hawaii



The Army told The Advertiser that the rifle’s “spotting rounds,” which are fired in order to aim the trajectory of the nuclear device, were used at Schofield Barracks and possibly at Makua Military Reservation and Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island.

There is no evidence, however, that the fission bomb warhead itself was ever fired here, and it’s unclear if it was ever stored in Hawai’i. The warhead had the strength of two to four times the explosive power that destroyed an Oklahoma City federal building in 1995.

The aiming rounds of the weapon left behind depleted uranium, and the military this summer is going to conduct radiological testing at Schofield, Makua and Pohakuloa for traces of the heavy metal, an Army official at the Pentagon said. The official requested to be identified as a “U.S. Army spokesman.”


Many of these emails contain numerous scientific articles about the dangers of Depleted Uranium, and that was just the mailings sent this year. If you need copies of any of these, just ask and I will forward them to you.

Then I was SHOCKED, to receive an event notice from Girl Scouts… with all these health concerns, the Army admitting DU use in Hawaii, Hawaii DU Bill HB 1452 waiting for funding, and “Testing – still pending” … that Girl and Boy Scouts would take children directly into Pohakuloa.

I replied to all (your girl scout list), and said “are you nuts? and I included some graphic photos of what DU has done to people, including children along with extensive information about DU and articles from the Honolulu Advertiser about DU in Hawaii.
May 18, 2007: (notice of future Girl Scout event)
Scout Day at Pohakuloa

I responded with this…
May 18, 2007
Re: Scout Day at Pohakuloa (some of you will get repeats if you are on my list)
are you nuts? WATCH THIS including many articles and images AGAIN (referenced above in blue)

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
May 18, 2007:
Boy and Girl Scouts Day – Pohakuloa Training Area (no joke) / Soldier health scare back in news / Depleted Uranium Hawaii – KITV Reporting / Dr. Doug Rokke: Governor Linda Lingle/ Nuclear Weapons Materials Released to Landfills / More lies from Livermore nuclear weapons lab / Areas of the Continental US Crossed by Nuclear Clouds From Testing / Hiroshima medical team seeks A-bomb survivors

FYI – Link from above list mail. Depleted Uranium Hawaii – KITV Dick Allgire Reporting


Not a list mail, a specific emailing to over 30 Girl Scouts including: gshi@girlscouts-hawaii.org
Rep Green and Rep Mizuno, Girl Scout Leaders, Governor Lingle, and Boy Scout Leaders and cc to: WestHawaiiToday
May 21, 2007
Re: Scout Day at Pohakuloa
I AM SHOCKED!!! What utter disregard for the health of our children.
Detailed email presenting the article published in the Honolulu Advertiser with the Army admitting DU use in Hawaii and possibility at Pohakuloa, letters published in Maui News in the past couple weeks, the KITV news report, an official State of Hawaii news release from Rep. John M. Mizuno concerning DU, and many other scientific articles detailing the dangers of Depleted Uranium.

Then I received my FIRST RESPONSE (email May 24, in response to my May 3 and other emails about a May 26-27 Camp) from Girl Scouts, Director of Mission to Market, (marketing director?). A letter concerning “my conduct, Girl Scout rules and Girl Scout image”, not one word about the Scouts safety or DU.
(Girl Scout response not included as per official Girl Scout policies)
May 24, 2007

I responded with this the same day:
May 24, 2007
and copied to my list,
May 24, 2007
Girl Scouts – In response to your official, certified mailed, and emailed, letter to me dated May 23, 2007

List mail concerning the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii
June 1, 2007 (still trying to educate Girl Scouts and others)
In the 60’s – Bioweapons and chemicals tested on people in Hawaii, CA, AK, UT, etc. – Project 112 and Shad / The Iraq Infections / FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULB WARNING / Cancer Vaccine Not Safe / Origins of Autism

Then I received my SECOND RESPONSE (email June 5, in response to my May 24 email about the May 26-27 Camp and the June 8 Scouts Day at Pohakuloa) from Girl Scouts, the 5 page pdf email letter, responded below with a quick question, and in this email, in detail.
(Girl Scout response not included as per official Girl Scout policies)
June 5, 2007
Response to your May 31, 2007 email (actually my May 24, 2007 7:14:00 PM HST)

You also noted, after all these list mails and emails of information stated above and below, that in my email Example 3:
I was “cryptic”, and I left the reader to piece information together because few specifics or facts were provided in my written explanation.

I have included the full email at the bottom of this page. With the above list mails sent for MONTHS and the below information..
I don’t understand what other “FACTS and SPECIFICS” you would need to be concerned about the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU).
But as you stated in your letter, more than once, these are my personal issues and my personal concerns, not Girl Scouts.

My quick question sent about the safety of the SCOUTS,
June 5, 2007
Re: Response to your May 31, 2007 email (actually my May 24, 2007 7:14:00 PM HST)

So is this still on?

Boy and Girl Scouts Day – Pohakuloa Training Area
Friday, June 8, 2007 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Then I received my THIRD RESPONSE from Girl Scouts, (June 6, 2007)
“It is imperative” that I either agree or disagree to the expectations of a Girl Scout leader according to your policies of image and protocol.
(Girl Scout response not included as per official Girl Scout policies)
Response to your June 5, 2007 email (June 6, really)


I have received no official (or otherwise) notice the Twilight Camp was canceled. (May 26-27)
I have received no official (or otherwise) notice the Boys and Girl Scouts Day at Pohakuloa Training Area is cancelled. (Tomorrow – June 8, 2007)

I have received officially, from you, twice now, that you don’t want me identifying myself as a Hawaii Girl Scout Leader, when dealing with these “personal issues” even though I do not identify myself as “Girl Scouts of Hawai’i”, which is the way your official business is typically signed, in my experience.

I been a Girl Scout Leader for around ten years, and as you stated in your letter, yes, I am a former “Service Unit Delegate and Voting Member of the Council.”

I would have expected Hawaii Girl Scouts to error on the side of caution to protect the safety of the Girls concerning this potential danger.
I have not seen that in any way, shape or form.

From your letters, I can only ascertain, Hawaii Girl Scouts is more concerned about MY CONDUCT and your IMAGE, than about the potential dangers to children and adults at the Girl Scout Camp and Pohakuloa.

I have seen nothing else in your letters of policies and procedures. Shame on you.

If you really cared about the Girl Scouts as you claim in your policies (not your actions), you would CLOSE THE GIRL SCOUT CAMP at Kilohana until independent testing for Depleted Uranium is completed by different independent labs in different locations, inside and outside of Pohakuloa, including the target areas used in Pohakuloa, throughout the past 50 years, and the whole area is declared safe and free from DU and continuous monitoring stations are set up and monitored regularly.

You would have thanked me for warning you of the potential dangers at The Girl Scout Camp and Pohakuloa.

You would have immediately sent out an official notice that the Twilight Camp was cancelled, and you would have never even considered Boys and Girls Day at Pohakuloa until the above concerns were addressed, the area was declared safe, and checks and balances were in place.

And you would have been writing your own letters about your concerns about Depleted Uranium to Governor Lingle, local representatives, and the media, inquiring about the safety of your Girl Scout Camp at Kilohana and for the children in your care, and signed them officially, “Girl Scouts of Hawai’i”.

Yes, Shame on you.

Do you think I should be part of an organization that is more concerned about their policies and image than the REAL DANGERS of Depleted Uranium exposure on children?

Maybe you are the ones who should look in the mirror.

Lisa Long
Hawaii Girl Scout Leader
Member of Screen Actors Union
Private Pilot
Ya ya ya… etc….
and speaking ONLY for myself, and every other person concerned about Depleted Uranium in Hawaii.







and 30 more.

Example 1 and 3: (in full)

From: Lisa Long
Date: May 3, 2007 10:33:59 PM HST
To: Girl Scout Council of Hawaii , senbaker@capitol.hawaii.gov, repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov, governor.lingle@hawaii.gov
Cc: Josh Green , senwhalen@capitol.hawaii.gov, Lorraine Inouye , Congresswoman Hirono , danm@kitvcom, Neil.Abercrombie@mail.house.gov, Leuren Moret , Lorrin Pang Subject: Girl Scout Twilight Camp – May 26-27, Kilohana.. NEXT TO POHAKALOA – IS IT SAFE? WE JUST DON’T KNOW!

In BCC: 40 Girl Scout Leaders including local Girl Scout offices in Hawaii and every Representative and Senator in Hawaii, many activists, 127 Hawaii Screen Actors Guild members, most of Hawaii news media, and concerned parents of GIRL SCOUTS.

Dear Girls Scouts of Hawaii,
You might want to find out if DU (Depleted Uranium) is up there at Pohakaloa,
before you go breathing that stuff, and taking little girls up there… most of you have been on my list for months….
you have been warned and could be open to lawsuits (and so could the State) if you ignore the warnings…
this stuff is REAL ….. the Strykers are up there NOW… moving the dirt and dust around.



Do Hawaii’s Children have to breath
Depleted Uranium (DU) Toxic Dust
when they play in our school yards?

We would like to know…
but, Senate Ways & Means Chair Roz Baker and House Finance Chair Marcus Oshiro,
are not going to let us find out.

They have NOT FUNDED bill HB1452,
a bill to test for DU at Scofield Barracks.

We should ask them why they did not fund this important health bill,
a bill that is listed as a High Priority on the Democratic Agenda
in a year with a $700 Million Dollar Surplus…
and while we are asking, let’s expand HB1452 to cover
all the Hawaiian Islands, including Pohakaloa on Hawaii Island.
Let’s Protect Our O’hana.

Call Senator Baker and Representative Marcus Oshiro and ask if it is safe for
Girl Scouts to camp out and play in the dirt next to Pohakaloa.

Here is the link to the Bill HB 1452 they did not fund… and might or might not… in a year..
and it does not include testing anywhere but Scofield, to bad for the other islands!


I for one, am NOT willing to wait a year while little Girl Scouts play in the dirt
next to Pohakaloa and we breath the dust. What about you?

Lisa Long – Hawaii Girl Scout Leader




Watch This.. 2 minutes (warning graphic)

KITV reported on high radiation readings on the Kona Coast LAST WEEK!!!

Some activists are claiming the U-S Army is firing depleted uranium on gunnery ranges in Hawaii … and that it’s contaminating the state with radioactive fallout.



The U-S Army denies using these types of rounds when it practices in Hawaii.

But as KITV 4’s Dick Allgire reports… those raising the allegations claim they have proof.

Leuren Moret is a world renown expert on the subject of depleted uranium. She travels the globe giving presentations about the dangers of spreading nano particles of radioactive uranium through bombs and bullets.


On April 22nd she took geiger counter readings in South Kona on the Big Island.


Normal background radiation would be 5 to 20 counts per minute. On this day she took readings of up to 93, which experts say is abnormal and quite high.


Leuren Moret claims the Army is using depleted uranium on the Pohakuloa firing range, and the wind is blowing it over South Kona.

The army insists is does not use depleted uranium in Hawaii. Dr. Lorrin Pang is a public health officialin Hawaii, but in this interview says he is speaking only as a concerned physician.



Dan Meisenzahl
KITV 4, Your Island Television News This Morning

Resurrecting Liberty.com – Depleted Uranium


Poisonous Legacy – warning, graphic


Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono

The life of the land is preserved in righteousness



Kaohi Permalink Reply by Kaohi on May 12, 2010 at 6:03am
I accidently came across this:

Depleted Uranium In Hawaii / Cancer Rates / KamakahonuFebruary 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Bobby Command and Mayor Billy Kenoi,

Thank you for your reply to Mikahala Roy’s letter. (both referenced below)

Maybe now that we have your attention, you could also address the Depleted Uranium (DU) Issue and possibly rising cancer rates on the Islands.
That is one reason I left Hawaii and am now living in Oregon.

My partner Michael McAvoy, a very respected local spiritual elder, went to the gym five days a week, was mostly a vegetarian, researched health, and spent thousands a year on vitamins, drank purified water, and ate 90% organic food, along with other natural health measures. He took care of his body. Michael died of AML (advanced Leukemia) in June 2009.

Leukemia has been linked to radiation exposure. The Girl Scout Camp is next to the Pohakuloa training area (PTA), and PTA is an admitted DU (radiation) contaminated area.
Kona and other towns are directly downwind from PTA.

Michael was required to get blood transfusions every two weeks to stay alive, (for 7 months) at the Transfusion Oncology Clinic of Kona Hospital.
As the months progressed, I noticed that the Oncology Clinic was getting busier and busier. More people from different parts of Kona were coming in with various forms of cancer for treatment. The nurses also acknowledged that they were getting a large number of new patients. They said, this could be due to the wonderful new doctor there, Dr. DeSalvo, as many could be staying on the island rather than going to Oahu for treatment.

That could be one reason, or it could be because the cancer rates are increasing in Kona, due to EMF pollution, food pollution, or other factors, or/and it could be because the Strykers are on Pohakuloa, stirring up the dust and sending it downwind into the towns. DU dust can contaminate everything in its path including the air, water, food grown locally, school yards and people. It contaminates roads as it gets tracked out on the tires of vehicles. This is no small issue as you know.

As I said, the Depleted Uranium contamination is one of the reasons I left Hawaii, along with the fact that the local government and the local media, just did not seem to care about telling the Truth about hard issues. When we were exposing the contamination, and alerting the media to the fact the Girl Scout Camp was next to the contamination.. the local newspapers response was to cover a front page story where 35 little girls and boy scouts were actually invited to visit the training center itself and play in the dirt and water. (see the link below, God Bless those children.)

US Army uses Boy and Girl Scouts in PsyOps Exercise in Hawaii – potentially exposing them to Depleted Uranium Hazards (DU) | Truth Angels News

One of my friends daughters from Holualoa, at the young age of 26, died of cancer. Three of her other class mates from that same class of 2000, had cancer, at least one other died.
Also the husband of my friend, an organic farmer from Ocean View, who was his 40’s or early 50’s, was told he had cancer two months before Michael was diagnosed, and that strong rock wall builder, a huge guy, was dead in only two months.

I think it is time to really address this DU issue, and to release the real statistics of the cancer rates in Hawaii related to the locations, find the causes, and do something to protect the people of Hawaii, regardless of the political ramifications. Just my opinion.

Oh, by the way.. if and when it becomes a very important issue personally to people, they usually don’t have the time, energy or resources to “expose” it.. because they are dealing with it. It is better to be proactive, rather than reactive. That is just my advice, with everything.

Mahalo and Good Luck,
Lisa Long

Kaohi Permalink Reply by Kaohi on May 12, 2010 at 6:23am

I can't tell who posted to cite, I believe this is Moret:

“Unfortunately, Hawaii has some of the highest rainfall in the world, which very efficiently deposited atmospheric manmade radioactive pollution into the Hawaiian environment. According to a 1973 letter from the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to the science journal Nature,[3] Hawaii is the most radioactive contaminated place in the world from atmospheric testing and burned up spacecraft.”

Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora 1 day ago

hi Kaohi,

the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts are part of the Children's Knights of Pythias group headed by Al Gore!

the soldiers, big and small are experiments also........WICKED indeed!

Actually, everyone in our Hawaiian Islands should sue Linda Lingle, the U.S. government for the toxins and contamination, Project EXTERMINATION goals.........appears that a class action suit against Lingle and Obama will be necessary.........just found out that bombers dropping 1000 pound bombs are actively destroying POHAKULOA even now..........was at the meeting at DLNR /Department of Land and Natural Resources commenting and supporting a family member all day........many people were there.... see pictures below:


was looking around for you too........
aloha nui.

p.s will check the postings from Leuren.

Reply to This

Kaohi Permalink Reply by Kaohi 1 day ago
Mahalo I had to work, thanks so much for being there and giving the kick up their gahzoom. Much aloha
Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora 1 second ago
hi Kaohi,

most of them in the room were apalled and shocked at the evidence brought out and references given for the record.............it's funny too because the issues they were addressing are the documents that I carry with me in my little office wheeled bag....lol........

one of the council members did state before he left early that 'this has been a very interesting meeting'.... he must've been listening to our conversation about one of the applicants who asked (almost like groveling) for more lease time....a wee 3 months...........cousin Mike and I discussed how the banksters asked for Corporate Welfare and got it from the government, they still owe monies and yet continue to operate.......and look at this guy asking for 3 months to pay off his entity state tax lien.........well that council member ended up suggesting that they give him a year and a review would be made.......hmmmm

guess cousin Mike, others and myself did give them a "kick up their gahzoom" lol..........

Mike was cut short from doing his testimony by one of the three Filipinos on the Board, all others were haole..........(hey what? no Japanese, or orientals?)

There was an ongoing conflict and the sheriffs came...........a humongous guy ---there's the Japanese or orientals.........and a fit guy who looked like he could run fast....lol.

A haole attorney supporting the opposition to our kanaka maoli became belligerent and started yelling, the humongous guy stepped behind him to let him know he was there and was ready to take him outside.......lol.

all settled down till later in the meeting, one of the heads of the State of Hawaii - Department of Land and Natural Resources guy became aggravated about Hawaiian Kingdom issues, presence of many kanaka maoli and an Okinawan friend who gave testimony that the Hawaiian Kingdom was here......the DLNR guy told him to "shut up!"..............our friend called him out and said 'you wanna go outside?'......the Sheriffs were ready to apprehend the DLNR guy! lol............lmao!

it was refreshing to see that our kanaka maoli were Not the ones being reprimanded!........lol.

awesome meeting, i must say............let the board know that our Hawaiian Kingdom went underground as documented in the LIBERAL news dated January 25, 1893.....and that 'just because a government went underground, it doesn't mean that it does not exist........'................the crowded room was quiet that one could probably hear a 'pin drop'........lol........earlier, i did support my cousin Mike (and others) based on my 30 years of history research, 22 years of genealogy research, and more than 10 years of research to help support him/them.

as my Mom would say "me ka hana ana!" and my Dad would say the same in a rough, and censored way!...lol......(love and miss them both)

mom and dad liked this and so many love songs......they used to kiss all the time in the kitchen, beautiful memories ....of course their fights were equally interesting but the make up time was great..........
much aloha.
15 minutes left to edit your comment.

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Kaohi Permalink Reply by Kaohi 1 day ago
Selling land got boring with the state that they wanted to own and lease the ocean. I see Keoni Agard in the mix of people. Glad he was there, not sure what he said because I wasn't there, but I'm sure it was something to do with sovereign. So where did the meeting go ...as far as ocean leasing on the big island ocean. Will america continue to starve our people and poison our land and ocean just as they did on Waianae off/shores? I'm sure Pono will have it up and running. mahalo

Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora 1 second ago
hi Kaohi,

reminded the Board that our ancestors claimed for the Hawaiian archipelago and it's documented...see my closed post for the claims to the archipelago and the piscary/fishing rights of the konohiki....

let them know that our Hawaiian Kingdom charged the whaling ships for fishing/whaling in our archipelago....

and let them know about the letter of opposition dated December 11 2000 period that was written to President Clinton, certified return receipt requested letter opposing his claims over our seas..similar letters were sent to President Bush, and President Obama.....

the letter to Clinton came to be......because at the time i was pretty irritated that he dared to do that...........i remember even though it's been nearly 12 years ago that i sat near the red books at the Archives, talking / namu namu/grumbling with researcher Kealoha Kuhia while opening one of those books, had my hand on a page and complained about what Clinton was doing..............he said, that's o.k. and shrugged it off........he started to walk away but i called him and told him "LOOK!".........i was amazed that the page that I had my hand on was the testimonies of our ancestors/families discussing the claims of the Hawaiian archipelago and the piscary/ fishing rights reserved to the konohiki!.............

happened to have a copy in my bag, which I read in part to the Board!.......awesome...........our ancestors are watching! and of course God watches!

our kanaka maoli cases which included those from Kauai, Maui, Big Island, Oahu have turned into contestant cases moving into court...........which is what cousin Mike Lee wanted.

Keoni Agard looked appalled as well...........and i did quote his relatives book about the 113 Nations excluding the U.S. over the Treaty of the Seas...........

much aloha.
Kaohi Permalink Reply by Kaohi 1 day ago
I just got through viewing what you wrote and posted on your forum. Thanks for closeing that forum out from 'lolo heads' it's easier to read and view. Much of what she says, I can understand all the fusses. But doesn't she retracks in the end? If the Ka'ai is in Waipio then I say that is great. What are your views on the Ka'ai? It's best that it rest in place, rather than humiliated on a concrete slab and propt up next to a concret wall like a derelict on the side of the street begging for alms in a fricken white mans museum. Much aloha for posting that video.
Amelia Gora Permalink Reply by Amelia Gora just now
hi Kaohi,

when they started "attacking" on your forum, I quickly closed that one off.......didn't need them to muck up important information which is being viewed by believers, other important researchers around the world as well..........don't need their negative "crabs in the bucket" mentality......or at times lack of? lol....

My views on the Kaai?......it was not up to certain few, paid off bunch to do what they did.........it's funny how Keanu asked me.........didn't you come out just about the time that the Kaai was missing?........and told him, guess about the time............perhaps to some degree the spiritual moves are working too....but i came out out of sheer irritation......lol........so much wrongs done to our families, our people.......damn.........

must admit i was going to drop doing research a long, long time ago........but, our families believe in dreams, the uhane and visits, etc..............good looking, elderly tutus asked me to continue......told them i wouldn't see them again.....they laughed and said............we'll see you again..........a long long time from now..........

then out of sheer irritation, at the Archives, i closed the books and thought.......too much, enough is enough, I'm going to walk out of here and look the other way..............as i gathered my papers to get ready to leave, i smelled a beautiful fragrance coming from the book that lay on my desk.........it smelled like an array of beautiful Hawaiian flowers, - maile, pakalana, mokihana, ferns, etc........it appeared to have been coming from the book!...........i opened the pages and found some of our tutus.........started to write...............then sadly closed the book and started grabbing my papers again to leave...........then a smell came out again, like a whole Luau!..........kalua pig, poi, roasted smells, laulau, sweet potatoes, And the flower fragrances..........i laughed and smiled and said quietly, "alright I'll continue......" and have been researching with a revitalized effort..............of course i shared the stories with my families and friends and they all had to laugh too............because only kanaka maoli understands.......due to our spiritual connections, etc.

I think that the descendants and heirs continue to have a say on where our tutu should be in Waipio and not placed there by those who haven't even their genealogies in place.........because as we all know, one must be careful about the iwi, care of our iwi, protecting it, etc. because of our ancient 1,650+ years - 3,000 years people who prayed and gave thanks for everything under the sun..........

Someone long ago said that he felt that the white man was actually punished by God because he came from the snow countries, had a hard life, being ill able to find food in bad climates, etc. There are theories of evolution of man which includes why skin color is the way it is: The haoles skin is white because the vitamins obtained from the sun could be taken in easily, while in the areas that has sun year round, the people's skin color are tanned to accommodate the regular doses.

The people with the tanned skin are the ones who are basically good people. They were not located in such harsh conditions, were able to obtain fruits, vegetables, and abundance of God's gifts.....the whites are basically the undisciplined, bad lot who had to do more to obtain their food, etc...........the whites resulted from their wickedness.

Blacks are that way because of the heat, the hot environment, and they are naturally protected from too much sun..........they basically had lots of food available (until white's hunted and killed their animals for game, zoos, etc.).....

Whites are from snow countries, and come away from their countries to seek the benefits to People of Color.........get some of God's Paradise............to this day, they are the ones who have a history of wrongs, evils, and move to obtain others gifts.........again perpetuating the evils of their ancestors.......

most interesting indeed................spiritual too...........People of Color remain the Majorities then and today...........hmmm........many around the World will need to wake up, along with our kanaka maoli!

"rather than humiliated on a concrete slab and propt up next to a concret wall like a derelict on the side of the street begging for alms in a fricken white mans museum. " .........lol.......long time no hear the "fricken" part! ........so true!

have a good and safe (lots of happy and over happy/too much inu grads running around) weekend!

aloha nui and malama pono.

.look what happened to a webmaster/news person who's American.


http://blip.tv/play/AYHMnwAC"%20type="application/x-shock...;"/>http://' />

Always remember that we continue from a Neutral, non violent, friendly nation, a non-warring nation. Disturbing video that it is, we kanaka maoli are united based on a Neutral, non-warring, sovereign based society due to the Hawaiian Kingdom being non-American................remember that the Kawananakoa's are aligned with America, Quentin Kawananakoa moved to run for Congress, yet had some drug issues, etc.

Truly an eye-opening video.............as a newsperson to another, we need to support all kanaka maoli newspeople as well.


p.s. have choke issues going on, and will be posting more or the continuation of articles about the Kawananakoa's too.


Kansas - Dust  In The Wind3:20Added to
Music video by Kansas performing Dust In The Wind. Watch this video with lyrics at www.vevo.com (c) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
by kansasVEVO | 6 months ago | 10,576,278 views

NUCLEAR FREE ZONE http://peaceinspace.blogs.com/nuclear_free_zone/2007/05/leuren_moret_bi.html


A new Goal - No Nuclear Weapons; No Nuclear Power; No Depleted Uranium; No Uranium Exploration & Mining

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Leuren Moret Biography: Independent Scientist; Expert Witness at the Tokyo International Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan; Speaker at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Conference

Moret_1 Leuren Moret was an Expert Witness at the International Criminal Tribunal For Afghanistan At Tokyo. She is an independent scientist and international expert on radiation and public health issues. She is on the organizing committee of the World Committee on Radiation Risk, an organization of independent radiation specialists, including members of the Radiation Committee in the EU parliament, the European Committee on Radiation Risk. She is an environmental commissioner for the City of Berkeley. Ms. Moret earned her BS in geology at U.C. Davis in 1968 and her MA in Near Eastern studies from U.C. Berkeley in 1978. She has completed all but her dissertation for a PhD in the geosciences at U.C. Davis. She has traveled and conducted scientific research in 42 countries. She contributed to a scientific report on depleted uranium for the United Nations sub commission investigating the illegality of depleted uranium munitions. Marion Fulk, a former Manhattan Project scientist and retired insider at the Livermore Lab, who is an expert on radioactive fallout and rainout, has trained her on radiation issues.

Leuren Moret has conducted research concerning the impact on the health of the environment and global public health from atmospheric testing, nuclear power plants, and depleted uranium. She has helped collect and measure radiation in 6000 baby teeth from children living around nuclear power plants, and helped The State of Louisiana (USA) pass the first state depleted uranium bill for mandatory testing of soldiers.
Articles she wrote on DU were translated into Indian languages to increase awareness. Her article "Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War" in the June 2004 WORLD AFFAIRS JOURNAL was translated at the request of the Kremlin for distribution throughout the Russian government. The LONE STAR ICONOCLAST, hometown newspaper of President Bush, interviewed her for a series of interviews, "What is depleted uranium?", which are now attached to US Congressman McDermott's 2005 depleted uranium bill HR 2410 in the US Congress. The newspaper did a second issue, March 1, 2006, titled "Have DU Will Travel". Her City of Berkeley 2003 resolution banning weapons in space was followed by a Space Preservation Treaty Resolution adopted by seven sister cities in British Columbia, Canada, contributing to Prime Minister Paul Martin's decision in February 2005 to abandon his secret agreement with President Bush to allow NMD in Canada.
Her research on divestment of pension funds from US weapons manufacturers was discussed on a Vancouver radio station in April 2005. The interview helped to make divestment, of $4.6 billion (in 251 US weapons manufacturers) in British Columbia (BC) pension funds, an issue for the May 2005 election platform in BC.
Leuren Moret is a Livermore nuclear weapons lab whistleblower, an Environmental Commissioner in the City of Berkeley, and testifies as a depleted uranium expert in the new documentary film BEYOND TREASON.

Leuren Moret Testimony: http://www.mindfully.org/Nucs/2003/Leuren-Moret-ICT13dec03.htm

DEPLETED URANIUM – Research Resources Recommended by Leuren Moret

Best Photos:
LIFE photoessay:
The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm
Iraq: babies, children, adults exposed to depleted
uranium, and Sandstorm April 26, 2005:
http://www.zlocinac.org/du_effects [link not working]

Best book:
Discounted Casualties: The Human Cost of Depleted

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[contact me for the films <leurenmoret@yahoo.com>]

Ten Minute Clips from Best Video Interviews (one hour):
“Global Nuclear Coverup” Series, Berkeley Community Access TV
#1 Interview with Leuren Moret on global fallout
#2 Interview with Leuren Moret on global diabetes epidemic caused by depleted uranium

“LOOSE CHANGE” first internet blockbuster video
[see 13:39 to 19:20 for interview with Leuren Moret]

Best DU Conference:
World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference Hamburg,
October 2003

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"What is depleted uranium?"
"Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty
bullets: A death sentence here and abroad"
"Washington's secret nuclear war"
WORLD AFFAIRS - The Journal of International Issues
"Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War"
VANITY FAIR - December 2004
“Weapons of Self-Destruction”
By David Rose

Best Letters:
Letter to Congressman McDermott from Leuren Moret
BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER – Letter to Editor/Opinion August 9, 2005
Depleted uranium is WMD by Leuren Moret

Newest Article about Global DU Pollution:
“The Queen's Death Star
Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere
from Battlefields in the Middle East” by Leuren Moret

Dr. Chris Busby Report on DU in British Atmosphere

"Have DU Will Travel" Lone Star Iconoclast 3/3/06: http://lonestaricon.com/2006/Archives/09/news03.htm

Video presentation by Leuren Moret to Therapists for Social Responsibility 9/11/05
“CONNECTING THE DOTS 9-11 Four Years Later: From the A-Bomb to Depleted Uranium and Beyond”
Download at http://www.art101.com/radiation/index.html

By LEUREN MORET. April 24, 2006

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History Overview from Hawaii of Educating the Cute, Unknowing Sheep

By Amelia Gora (about the author) Page 1 of 3 page(s)
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For OpEdNews: Amelia Gora - Writer

1) Kamehameha's, his wives, King Kalakaua's, Queen Liliuokalani's, hanai/adopted children of Kamehameha III etals. descendants exist today.

2) Konohiki, land owners descendants prior to the wrongful dethronement of Hawaii's Queen in 1893 exist.

3) Royal persons, Sovereign heirs - with immunities exist.

4) Kingdom heirs exist currently uniting with the Hawaiian Kingdom Government, a government.

5) Provisional government turned Republic, turned Territory, turned State with documented oppositions all the way is in fact a corporation/corporate structure of the larger corporation called the United States of America (since 1874) operating under Great Britain.)

6) The problems for the U.S. appears to be in the period when 1. Washington, D.C. was organized apart from the United States in 1874. (note: research incomplete) 2. The U.S./U.S.A. became divided in the American Civil War. The War was funded by France, Great Britain, U.S., Germany and the Bank of England. 3. The U.S./U.S.A. never was a separate nation from Great Britain due to the facts that many of the U.S. Presidents were Royal persons descending from the Kings of England/Great Britain; the Rush-Baggot Treaty was a permanent Treaty; association/affiliation with the Masons/ Freemasons secret societies, etc.

7) U.S. in actuality a business corporation interested in profits/gains/finances. Business structure includes CEO's such as U.S. President's, Governors etals. disregarding the duties, laws of a nation. (See previous IOLANI - The Royal Hawk news on the web at the hawaiian_genealogy_society-akg for messages, articles, etc.)

8) A U.S. representative asked for loans from the Hawaiian Kingdom because they were bankrupt and our House of Nobles denied them because the loan would not be paid off for thousands of years....only a small interest would be paid at a time.

note: The German Jews did give the U.S. loans expecting a 10% interest.....but they were the ones who were killed off in the World Wars.

If the U.S. took on loans here, and loans there, that means they still owe many nations monies borrowed and are in actuality owned by many nations, including the Hawaiian Kingdom!

9) Congress and the U.S. President Benjamin Harrison premeditated the criminal assumption of a neutral, non-violent nation and dethroned Queen Liliuokalani in 1893. See articles written previously in the news on the web IOLANI-The Royal Hawk publisher, editor, writer Amelia Gora, anti-war news, history, genealogies with articles submitted by other researchers, and researchers from around the world.

Also see the PEARL HARBOR article at the New York Times found by researcher Shane Lee.

Also see various liens, notices filed at the Bureau of Conveyances by Amelia Gora, et. als.

10) President Benjamin Harrison used his executive orders to deny the passage of prosecuting those who did crimes on the high seas in December 1893.

This move saved the conspirator's Thurston, Dole, Thomas Akaka (Senator Daniel Akaka's ancestor) et. als. from being prosecuted for "pirate's crimes on the high seas".

11) President Benjamin Harrison suggested that 'a plebiscite be given to make it appear that the "overthrow" was the will of the people.'

12) President Cleveland moved to allow the U.S. Federal bank to be purchased by private interests, causing the Federal banks to be in private hands of 13+ stockholders/investors.

13) The private investors make up the Federal Reserve Banks whose stockholders defend, promote a move towards a new world order/one world order; they get 3-4 cents off of every bill/Federal Reserve note printed; the bills/Federal Reserve notes printed has no gold, silver backing; they charge tremendous interest for loans, etc.; they are associated with the Bank of England, a bank that funds the 'Business of Wars' through financing both sides, etc. (example: U.S. innocents versus Iraq's innocents) Note: in 1913 - There was a 'silent cou d'tat' by the bankers.

14) A Federal Reserve Act was passed accommodating bankers. in 1919 - President Woodrow Wilson admitted U.S. under a small group of men.

15) Taxes on the people are collected by the IRS/ Internal Revenue Service which operates under and for the private business Federal Reserve Banks.

16) U.S. Congressman Daniel Inouye is on record saying 'there is no law allowing anyone to pay taxes'.

17) The U.S./U.S.A. is bankrupt, utilizing Wars to pay off the debts to the private bankers moving towards enslaving the masses, exterminating People of Color, and accommodating financing, stolen goods, thievery off of nations/ independent nations such as Hawaii, the Hawaiian Kingdom, the Kingdom of Hawaii, Hawaiian archipelago; Spain, Japan, Haiti, Iraq.

18) The U.S./U.S.A. a corporation since 1874 has military bases in 130 countries/nations. There are 190/191 countries/nations in total.

19) Profiteers of nuclear weapons, depleted uranium weapons for Wars, testing, etc. includes the Queen of England with the majority of stocks in the uranium, etc. mines.

20) The Corporate structure of the U.S. has many corporations which began with the Standard Oil Company and the many under it's umbrella.

21) Congress, over time, have failed to extinguish the Standard Oil agreement, and instead the lawyers have moved the structure over to foreign governments with support from the U.S. military who defends the lives, and properties of its own.

22) The U.S. breached the law of nations documented Queen Liliuokalani.

23) The U.S., England, and the bankers (Morgan bankers were investors for both England and the U.S.) departed from the Law of Nations and formed the League of Nations, then the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations with the purpose of One World Order/New World Order, the foundation being the 1822 Secret Treaty of Verona, and started the United Nations with contributions from the EXXON corporation (which evolved from the Standard Oil Company) with the Rockefeller, et. als. as permanent heads who contributed the land that the United Nations has it's building on.


The history of Hawaii has indeed affected the World today. A Corporation is not a government. Everyone affected by the U.S., Great Britain's, France's etals. corporate structure needs to work on diminishing the tight reins of slavery by reaching for the areas of history that has problematic issues, reenact Constitutions, limit or eliminate the Corporate structure moving in to assume the rights of citizens.

There's more history which has been brought out by many historians, researchers, writers, which shows evidence of decadent nations looking to kill off all people of color, etc.

In other words, dear friends, take heed, and take back your governments.


references: research, books, articles by Amelia Kuulei Gora; www.leurenmoret.com Joe Rodrigues messages re: Federal taxes, etc.: www.freedomtofascism.com Aaron Russo, director, investigative reporter, etc.

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May 16, 2010
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Obama's AfPak Flip-Flop

Obama’s Flailing Wars
A Study in BP-Style “Pragmatism
By Tom Engelhardt

On stage, it would be farce. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, it’s bound to play out as tragedy.

Less than two months ago, Barack Obama flew into Afghanistan for six hours -- essentially to read the riot act to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, whom his ambassador had only months before termed “not an adequate strategic partner.” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen followed within a day to deliver his own “stern message.”

While still on Air Force One, National Security Adviser James Jones offered reporters a version of the tough talk Obama was bringing with him. Karzai would later see one of Jones’s comments and find it insulting. Brought to his attention as well would be a newspaper article that quotedan anonymous senior U.S. military official as saying of his half-brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, a reputedly corrupt powerbroker in the southern city of Kandahar: “I'd like him out of there... But there's nothing that we can do unless we can link him to the insurgency, then we can put him on the [target list] and capture and kill him." This was tough talk indeed.

At the time, the media repeatedly pointed out that President Obama, unlike his predecessor, had consciously developed a standoffish relationship with Karzai. Meanwhile, both named and anonymous officials regularly castigated the Afghan president in the press for stealing an election and running a hopelessly corrupt, inefficient government that had little power outside Kabul, the capital. A previously planned Karzai visit to Washington was soon put on hold to emphasize the toughness of the new approach.

The administration was clearly intent on fighting a better version of the Afghan war with a new commander, a new plan of action, and a well-tamed Afghan president, a client head of state who would finally accept his lesser place in the greater scheme of things. A little blunt talk, some necessary threats, and the big stick of American power and money were sure to do the trick.

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Obama's Gulf Eco-Catastrophe, Far Worse than Katrina, More Like a Hiroshima; Emergency Legislation Needed By Rob Kall

History will view Obama's response as too little, too late, too passive. New findings by a research vessel with a grant that ran out today show walls of oil-saturated death miles long & wide, depleting oxygen from ocean water. Obama must commandeer BP's resources, Pass immediate legislation ELIMINATING all limits on ALL corporate liability for damages, & fu

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Lessig is in the news just about every day. His pioneering work helped lead to Creative Commons and many of the freedoms we have on the web. Now, he's working with Joe Trippi on election reform.

Rob Kall: Robert Wolff, author Original Wisdom, What It Is to Be Human
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By Rob Kall
Obama's Gulf Eco-Catastrophe, Far Worse than Katrina, More Like a Hiroshima; Emergency Legislation Needed

History will view Obama's response as too little, too late, too passive. New findings by a research vessel with a grant that ran out today show walls of oil-saturated death miles long & wide, depleting oxygen from ocean water. Obama must commandeer BP's resources, Pass immediate legislation ELIMINATING all limits on ALL corporate liability for damages, & fund at least a billion dollars of emergency research & science funding

Scientists Find Giant Oil Plumes under Gulf

Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick. The discovery is fresh evidence that the leak from the broken undersea well could be substantially worse than estimates that the government and BP have given.

By Jeffrey Dach
Mainstream Medicine Goes Alternative

An editorial in the May Annals of Internal Medicine proclaimed a shocking "medical heresy", that less health care is better than more health care. US Health care is generally assumed and expected to be beneficial, yet when outcomes are measured, studies show that more health care equates with worse outcomes, not better.

By PrMaine
Skin in the Game
Why are corporate executives so free to take risks for our environment, for our economy and for innocent bystanders without taking any personal risk? What can be done about changing this?

By Richard Spisak
Like doing surgery from 5,000 feet?

Raising the issue that deep drilling complexity is far less complicated than REMOTE DRONE COMBAT OPERATIONS, Martian Rover Driving and Nano-Sculpture so the EXCUSE DOESN'T WASH!

By Mac McKinney
Photo-Essay: Haiti After the Earthquake, Part 1: Highway One

Time to get to know Haiti and the Haitian people a little better, so take a tour with me of the beautiful, poverty-stricken and ever-resourceful country too tough to die.

By Glenn Greenwald
New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens
There is, of course, no moral difference between subjecting citizens and non-citizens to abusive or tyrannical treatment. But as a practical matter, the dangers intensify when the denial of rights is aimed at a government's own population.

By Bill Moyers
Chevron's "Crude" Attempt to Suppress Free Speech

Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan ordered documentary producer and director Joe Berlinger to turn over to Chevron more than 600 hours of raw footage used to create a film titled Crude: The Real Price of Oil. Chevron is trying to avoid responsibility and hopes to find in the unused footage evidence helpful to the company in fending off potential damages of $27.3 billion.

By Monika Mitchell
The New Girls' Club

At a recent evening celebrating women leaders, Senator Diane Feinstein claimed that, "If Congress were all women, we would have financial reform by now." That may or may not be true. Yet there is something to be said for the healing quality of women. The women in gov't seem intent on fixing the problem, not denying it exists or throwing more wood on the fire. Say goodbye to the Old Boy's Club & hello to the New Girls' Club.

By Gurmeet Singh
James Gordon Brown Resigns, Astrology Analysis
James Gordon Brown resigns, Astrology analysis by Gurmeet Singh. Vedic Astrology analysis by Astrologer Gurmeet Singh

By GLloyd Rowsey
Tracey Levine Is Back, With Four Horsepowers of Hypocrisy/Plus One

Since February, Levine's been participating at Facebook bigtime while knocking herself out creating new art and working a day job.

By Allan Goldstein
BP takes a leak on America

A love letter to BP. They really need a hug right now, and I'm just the guy to give it to them.

By Dr Stuart Bramhall
The US vs China: the Race to Produce Composite Fiber Cars
It appears that is an elegantly simple technological solution to current US de-industrialization, sovereign debt, American carbon debt and even endless Middle East wars to protect our claim on imported oil. Yet for some reason China, India, Japan and Germany are far ahead of us in gearing up to produce composite carbon fiber cars.

By Bill Willers
Of Oil Rigs and Nukes
The article compares the Gulf Oil Spill with the possibility of a similar event at a nuclear power plant and argues that nuclear radiation is such that a nuclear accident of similar scale would be vastly more catastrophic.

By James Hunter
An Asteroid of Oil

The "but why" questions that we ask about how the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could have happened lead beyond an assessment of the sins of the companies involved, and even beyond the obvious need for government regulation. They lead to the more fundamental question about whether the dominant economic paradigm on the planet risks our survival as a species.

U.S. Is Still Using Private Spy Ring, Despite Doubts
With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the expanded role of contractors on the battlefield -- from interrogating prisoners to hunting terrorism suspects -- has raised questions about whether the United States has outsourced some of its most secretive and important operations to a private army many fear is largely unaccountable.

By David Glenn Cox
The Dirty Place
When we walked to school so we could smoke cigarettes and generally act disreputable, we walked past a bakery that offered fresh doughnuts for a dime or three for a quarter. The smell was heavenly as they baked for the day on those frosty mornings. The women inside spoke perfect English but they spoke to each other in Swedish or Norwegian. The three of them owned and ran the place.

Palin says Obama would ban guns if he could

Sarah Palin warned NRA members Friday that President Barack Obama wants to gut the Second Amendment and told a separate gathering that "mama grizzlies" will help Republicans win this November, sweeping away the Democratic agenda.

By William Fisher
An Open Letter To Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen
The Senator sounds really worried and abgry. She has good reason. But I think she's drecting her emotions at the wrong target. Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama should be her targets.

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By Jenny Reed
Hunt for the best doctor and the best hospital
WorldMed Assist also provides medical tourism as an option for self-insured businesses seeking expanded and affordable healthcare options for employees

By Daniel Vojir
Bring Forth The Gays! Bring Forth The Jews! And RELEASE THE KAGAN!!

The Right (both Christian and otherwise) is totally confused about denouncing Elena Kagan as a future Justice of the Supreme Court. Lesbian? Anti-military? Obama's Harriet Miers? Hey, it's fun watching them all grasp at straws!

By Martin Carbone
Six postulates designed to lead to a wealthy nation.
How to create a wealthy nation based on six simple postulates

By OilGuy
Oil Prices Drop Further in Week as Euro's Travails Continue
Crude oil prices plunged nearly 4% on Friday and were off almost 20% from their 18-month high less than two weeks ago, as the euro continued to lose ground against the dollar and U.S. oil inventories continued to build.

By Bahija Reghai
Al Nakba: Expelled from Home and Native Land but not from History
Remembering the exile.... the ongoing dispossession, oppression of Palestinians and denial of their most basic rights

By Stephen Lendman
Imprisoning Children for Life
Only America and Israel imprison children for life

By Gregory Paul
Pope Claims Jesus Had the Brain of a Caveman!
Apparently Pope Benedict does not realize he is claiming that Jesus had an undersized brain when he endorses the Shroud of Turin as Christ's burial cloth.

By Cindy Sheehan
Two Americas
The America that I belong to also buys into the Myth that we don't deserve to have healthy food, education, health care, a warm and non-leaking roof over our heads, without living as debt slaves, because we don't belong in the privileged "elite" class.

KFC's 'pink buckets' are a recipe for cancer
Studies have long shown that eating meat--including chicken--can increase your cancer risk. So why is KFC peddling "Buckets for the Cure"?

By David Glenn Cox
Pulling the String
Since 2008 when Hank Paulson went to the White House with a one-page outline of how to save America from economic Armageddon, his solution has been to turn on the money spigots and let the banks run naked through the sprinklers. Since that time the banks have had access to all the money they want and they get it virtually for free.

By Dave Lefcourt
Minerals Management Services Gave Permission for BP to Drill Without Getting Required Permits
"The federal Minerals Management Service gave permission to BP and dozens of other oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico without getting the required permits"" they routinely overruled its staff biologists and engineers who raised concerns about safety and environmental impact of certain drilling proposals in the gulf"and those scientists said they were regularly pressured by agency officials to change their findings.

By Robert O'Connor
Robin Hood today
Robin Hood has always been a champion of the common man, but how is he seen today?

By Michael Roberts
Politics And Facts In The Age Of Obama
When Lies Trump Truth: Mainstream Media And Political Commentators Now Lie Consciously And Routinely To A Gullible Public

By Joyce McCloy
Voting News: More vote buying in KY. Berkeley WV votes counted twice. Indian EVMs ate votes
Another KY vote buying scheme, this time in Perry Co...Berkely CO WV's early voted ballots counted twice...Aspen CO claims to have spent $75K+ to keep citizens from viewing ballot images of May 5 2009 election...The EAC internet voting pilot test requirements are too weak says Joel Rothschild, Chief of Staff of the Federal Voting Assistance Program...

By William Rivers Pitt
Out of Iraq? Don't Hold Your Breath

We made such an incredible mess in Iraq that continued violence is a brass-bound guarantee. Every act of violence gives more fuel to those who argue for staying. It's a perfect circle, and it is not going to stop.

By earl ofari hutchinson
Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" Are Devouring the GOP Not Obama
Sarah Palin recently told an anti-abortion activist group that "mama grizzlies" will eat up the Democrats in November and shove the country back into the GOP's arms. Her home grown, home state animal kingdom analogy would have been more apt and frightening a year ago when the Tea Party first gathered steam.

By William Blum
Terminally Dumb People
If you shake your head and roll your eyes at the nonsense coming out of the Tea Party followers of Sarah "Africa is a country" Palin and other intellectual giants like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh -- keep in mind that the right wing has long been at least as stupid and as mean-spirited.

By David Swanson
The End of War
Chappell is developing his thought on the critical question of what motivates war and what could overcome it.

By Robert Parry
The Return of Madcap Capitalism
Amid relentless anti-government propaganda and endless pressures for more deregulation, madcap capitalism has returned. The consequences can now be seen from the desolate factory towns in Michigan to the oil spill poisoning the Gulf of Mexico, from teacher layoffs in California to crazy market swings on Wall Street.

By Allen L Roland
Here's To The Crazy Ones / I'm One Of Them
Change starts when someone sees and shares the next step but it takes courage to speak what you see ~ particularly if you are seeing through the heart: Allen L Roland

By Bill Hare
Conservatives Win Diminished Expectations Election
David Cameron takes power as Britain's new prime minister with Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats as his deputy in a coalition government.

By Sherry Mann
Ben Dover or "Stick it up your tailpipe!"

What could happen if a hurricane passed through the Gulf and deposited polluted water across the eastern seaboard? Could oil hurricanes pollute the soil and ground water over a vast swath of America?

By Angola 3 News
A Christian Perspective on Prisons --An interview with Stan Moody

Only as the public becomes aware of the enormous cost of the revolving door of incarceration will they begin to pay attention to what is going on inside and how we might change the dynamic. Corrections has taken full advantage of this denial by essentially saying, "You cannot possibly understand what we are up against." They have built incarceration into a growth industry that is sapping our national strength and shredding...

By Joseph J. Adamson
"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."
Those words begin the U.S. Declaration of Independence. But, it is high time that we update the Declaration to reflect current reality and needs, and it's also time to provide new amendments to the U.S. Constitution, under Article V, to establish our full and equal rights and opportunties. And we, the people, can do that.

By Ken Scott
Meaningful Supreme Court Nominee Questions
Questions for a Supreme Court Nominee

By Bob Burnett
What Caused the BP Oil Leak? Magical Thinking
Over the past twenty months the USA has experienced two cataclysmic disasters, the 2008 near meltdown of the financial system and the recent Gulf Coast ecological disaster resulting from a deep-sea oil leak. While both events resulted from failed oversight, they have a deeper genesis: magical thinking.

Best News Links from the Web

Voice of America: Palestinians Mark 'Nakba' or 'Catastrophe' of Israel's Creation

Thousands of Palestinians have briefly put aside bitter political differences to mourn the anniversary of Israel's creation. Palestinians marched through the streets of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, marking the "Naqba" or "catastrophe" of Israel's creation in 1948. During Israel's War of Independence that year, some 700,000 Palestinians fled or were forced to leave their homes and became refugees.

Video: Palestine/Israel History since 1878

Last Friday was actually the date commemorating Nakba Day, 14 May 1948, the date the state of Israel was declared. However, it is not the beginning of the Nakba (catastrophe) nor its end. Over 200 villages were ethnically cleansed in the six months before 14 May 1948, illustrating that it is not the founding of the state of Israel that began the Nakba, but that it was a pivotal moment in it. This video reviews the origins.

Frank Rich: A Heaven-Sent Rent Boy

double-entendre wisecracks about Kagan's softball prowess were all the rage on Fox News and MSNBC. These dying gasps of our culture wars, like Rekers's farcical pratfall, might be funnier if millions of gay Americans and their families were not still denied their full civil rights.

Palin Joins Arizona Gov. To Defend Immigration Law
As calls spread for an economic boycott of Arizona, the state's governor enlisted the help of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday to defend a new law cracking down on illegal immigration. Palin is in Phoenix for a previously scheduled speech to a hunters group. She has defended the law on national television and spoken out against boycotts.

Giant Plumes of Oil Found Under Gulf of Mexico
Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick. The discovery is fresh evidence that the leak from the broken undersea well could be substantially worse than estimates that the government and BP have given.

Andy Borowitz: Next week's news
some news out of Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin will confirm it's official: She has now written more books than she has read. When asked which of her two books is her favorite, Governor Palin will reply, "All of them."

US warns Pakistan to 'do more'
General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, reportedly urged General Ashfaq Kayani, his Pakistani counterpart,to launch a military campaign in North Waziristan aimed at clearing out those various Taliban factions. McChrystal has since deniedthose reports.

Volcanic ash threatens UK airspace
Parts of British airspace may have to close from Sunday until Tuesday due to volcanic ash from Iceland, UK's department of transport says.

U.S. Companies Dodge $60 Billion in Taxes With Global Odyssey
Transfer pricing lets companies such as Forest, Oracle Corp., Eli Lilly & Co. and Pfizer Inc., legally avoid some income taxes by converting sales in one country to profits in another -- on paper only, and often in places where they have few employees or actual sales.

U.S. efforts in Kandahar, barely begun, already are faltering
Although it's just beginning, the U.S.-led effort to pacify the Taliban's spiritual capital in southern Afghanistan already appears to be faltering. Key military operations have been delayed until the fall, efforts to improve local government are having little impact and a Taliban assassination campaign has brought a sense of dread to Kandahar's dusty streets.

Mental care stays are up in military

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a speech that "health care costs are eating the Defense Department alive." Schoomaker said the Army's increased attention to mental health issues is another reason for the rise in hospital admittances.

Federal prosecutors conducting criminal probe in West Virginia mine explosion
Federal prosecutors said Friday that they are investigating whether there was "willful criminal activity" by the company that operates the West Virginia coal mine where 29 workers died in an accident last month.

House Democrat calls out Republicans for defying their party on earmark ban
Rep. James L. Oberstar (D-Minn.), chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, issued an ultimatum to Republicans with the potential for political sting: Withdraw earmarks seeking millions of taxpayer dollars for pet projects or be prepared to stand behind them.

The Tea Party's Surprising Interest in the Writings of Radical Community Organizer Saul Alinsky
...the publication of Alinsky's last book, Rules for Radicals, was not nearly as timely. Alinsky struggled writing it through much of the 1960s, easily distracted by his high-profile community organizing campaigns in Chicago, Rochester, New York and other cities.

Why Privacy on Facebook Is 'Virtually Impossible'
The controversy over Facebook's aggressive attempts to cash in on information about its members is heating up. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that "anti-Facebook sentiment is surfacing in highly visible places, from the halls of Congress to the blogs and podcasts of influential technology experts like Leo Laporte of Petaluma.

Maine GOP apologizes for Convention Incident: by Kevin Miller
Maine Republican officials apologized Wednesday for an incident last week in which party faithful attending the state convention removed a pro-labor poster from a Portland middle school classroom and left behind GOP materials. The incident involved a group of Knox County Republicans who, like hundreds of others attending the Republican state convention at the Portland Expo, had gathered Friday at a nearby middle school.

Kagame threatens challenger with prison for speaking to press

The Rwanda New Times reported that Rwandan Prosecutor General Ngoga threatened to jail Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza for speaking with press. Ingabire has not been allowed to register to formally run against Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Canadians live longer, healthier than Americans: study | Reuters
Live longer and spend less. Hmmmm, is there something we could learn from this?

Jeremy Scahill: Bipartisan Mercs?: Blackwater Hires Powerful Democratic Lobbyist
In the first quarter of 2010, Blackwater has spent more than $500,000 for the services of Stuart Eizenstat, a well-connected Democratic lobbyist who served in the Clinton and Carter Administrations. Blackwater's expenditures on Eizenstat's services in early 2010--$530,000-- represent the single greatest sum spent on lobbying by Blackwater in any quarter since the company's founding in 1997-98.

Pakistani Taliban say America will "burn"
Pakistani Taliban militants have warned America that it will soon "burn" while calling for Pakistan's rulers to be overthrown for following "America's agenda".

Seymour Hersh: Obama Being Dominated by the Military

At this point he's in real trouble. Because the military are dominating him on the important issues of the world: Iraq, Iran, Afghan and Pakistan. And he's following the policies of Bush and Cheney almost to a fare-thee-well. He talks differently. And he's much brighter, he's much more of the world. So one only hopes he has a game plan that will include doing something, but he's in real trouble...

Obama Blasts Oil Execs For Gulf Spill Finger-Pointing
BP CEO Tony Hayward told Britain's The Guardian newspaper that the spill was small in proportion to the Gulf. "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume," Hayward said.

Red Cross scam in Haiti? Time to Investigate the Red Cross

The Red Cross raised over $450 million on behalf of victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. They say they've spent $106 million, but when a Haitian goes in search of evidence that the money was spent to help Haitians, he can't find anything solid. Since I have just returned from Haiti, I am well aware that things are not alright with many NGOs, so this demands some answers from the Red Cross.

PBS VIDEO: McChrystal Says Despite Progress in Afghanistan, 'Nobody is Winning'
what the president first said and what I believe he reiterated to President Karzai this week is, America has offered and Afghanistan has agreed to a long-term strategic partnership. And that means much further than July 2011.

David Corn: Are Democrats Screwed in 2010?

If I were a Democratic strategist reading through the latest poll covering voters' preferences for the coming congressional elections, I'd shake my head and mutter, "We're screwed." Or maybe just cry.

Obama criticizes oil executives for trying to pass blame
Saying "the system failed" in the Gulf Coast, President Obama on Friday assailed oil company executives for their congressional testimony earlier in the week. "I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle," Obama said.

Come January, Free NYTimes.com Is Dead, Long Live NYTimes.com?
This is it folks--the newspaper's last and best hope (so they think) for survival: paywalls. The New York Times has finally revealed the date that the wall will go up across the world's access to its news content. It's January 2011.

Jackson Diehl - Can Obama save his Afghanistan surge?
there is obvious discord among the U.S. and allied generals and diplomats who are supposed to be implementing Obama's strategy. None of the multiple American civilians charged with doing business with Karzai appears to have his trust. Nor are they in sync with the top American military commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

EPA Moves To Regulate Industrial Greenhouse Gases
The Environmental Protection Agency moved Thursday to more tightly control air pollution from large power plants, factories and oil refineries, a step to limit emissions widely blamed for global warming.

Al Nakba: Expelled from home and native land but not from history, Bahija Réghaï
The Palestinian exile, and ongoing dispossession and suppression of the most basic rights of the Palestinian people

Joe Lieberman's Fascist agenda to strip Americans of their Constitutional Rights
Joe Lieberman is sponsoring a Bill with Republican Scott Brown called the "Terrorist Expatriation Act" that would strip terrorist suspects of their citizenship. The bill applies to any American who supports a foreign terrorist organization or any organization deemed a supporter of terrorism by an ally of the United States. The State Department has the power to determine who is a terrorist and strip away their citizenship.

U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits
The federal Minerals Management Service gave permission to BP and dozens of other oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico without first getting required permits from another agency that assesses threats to endangered species -- and despite strong warnings from that agency about the impact the drilling was likely to have on the gulf.

For U.S. government and BP, no choice but to work together
The success or failure of the Obama administration's response -- involving about 13,000 workers and 460 vessels, along with 1.4 million feet of boom laid against the spreading slick -- depends largely on BP's expertise and technology.

Nuclear complex upgrades related to START treaty to cost $180 billion
The Obama administration, seeking to bolster congressional support for the new strategic arms treaty with Russia, plans to spend $180 billion over the next decade to upgrade the nation's nuclear weapons complex, keep warheads capable and modernize strategic delivery systems.

Senate panel approves money for Afghan, Iraq wars
A Senate committee approved another $33.5 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq this year, although some members said they did so reluctantly. The money still must be approved by the full Senate and also by the House of Representatives, where the majority Democrats are split over the wisdom of continuing the wars.

Copyright © OpEdNews 2010


May 15, 2010
The Washington Post

Compassion, prejudice and American Muslims
By Walied Shater

[The writer served as a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service from 1995 to 2007.]

I woke up early on Sept. 12, 2001, to get ready for work. I put on my best suit, my only custom-made shirt, my most expensive Nordstrom tie. I shined my shoes. I was tense and nervous and did not know what to expect from my co-workers. I had, by chance, been off duty the day before, the day of the horrific attacks on the United States, and of course by late evening on Sept. 11, the names of the suspected hijackers began to come out. All were Arabic or Muslim names like mine.

Since January 2000, I had been assigned to the most important division in the U.S. Secret Service: the Presidential Protective Division, commonly known as PPD. I held a top-secret clearance, reported to the White House daily, and traveled routinely on Air Force One or Marine One with the president. I loved the experience. I had never felt discriminated against at work or socially, except for a few "terrorist" jokes. I was a welcomed and trusted member of the division.

Sept. 12 was different, though. Nineteen men had killed close to 3,000 Americans the day before in the name of my religion.

As I entered the White House, I prepared myself mentally for the verbal barrage to come. I had grown up a tough kid in Brooklyn and had been raised a proud American Muslim.

As I walked to the office for agents on the president's detail, I was intercepted by a supervisor named Ron. When he asked to speak with me, I said I had to put my equipment bag in the office and would come right back. I was trying to buy time to get ready for what might come. As I approached Ron, a tall and strong man in his early 50s, I thought, "Here it comes, stay cool."

Ron put his hand on my right shoulder and said: "Walied, I am glad you are here with us today." My defenses crumbled, and my eyes welled up at this simple act of compassion. I said thanks and excused myself.

Ron stood up as a preemptive strike to anyone who might have said something to me that day. He told me I belonged. He embodied what was great about America. As the day went on I felt ashamed of the fears I had felt earlier.

When I concluded my five-year assignment on the PPD in 2005, managers told me I had led more presidential security advance teams than any other agent since 2000. My wife and I were proud of my work and proud for a nation in which an American Muslim can achieve anything. That is America.

Today, though, American Muslims feel under siege. Too many feel the American dream is not for them. For a few, radicalization is the next step. Anti-Muslim rhetoric has reached epic proportions in broader U.S. society -- largely tolerated, rarely condemned. While "terrorism experts" cite frequent travel to Muslim countries or Internet videos as primers for radicalization, the core primer, which is largely unremarked upon, is the siege mentality surrounding American Muslims.

Many factors contribute to this mentality, including rhetoric from fringe hate groups, the demonization of Muslims by Hollywood and repeated questions of loyalty by (conservative)

commentators. Nothing is more debilitating to the psyche of American Muslims than to have those in positions of authority remain silent after such

comments or, worse, contribute to the hostility.

American Muslims notice when, as happened last week, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service stopped using an anti-Muslim film "Obsession: Radical Islam's Obsession with the West" to train agents. But American Muslims also notice when a Florida Republican candidate for Congress, Dan Fanelli, runs television ads in which he points to a white man and asks, "Does this look like a terrorist?" and then turns to an Arab-looking man and asks, "Or this?"

Or when Congress invites the preacher Franklin Graham to speak at the National Day of Prayer event on Capitol Hill despite Graham's infamous remarks about Islam as a "very evil and wicked religion."

U.S. leaders need to do much more to help bring American Muslims into the mainstream. The president and others should follow the example set by former secretary of state Colin Powell when he endorsed then-candidate Barack Obama on "Meet the Press." Reacting to assertions that Obama was Muslim, Powell asked, "Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? Is there something wrong with some 7-year-old Muslim American kid believing that he or she could be president?"

Not just American Muslims but all Americans need to see and hear examples of people like my former supervisor and Colin Powell.


RE 9/11 see http://www.twf.org/911.html

May 12, 2010
The New York Times

Pakistan and Times Square
By Nicholas D. Kristof

If we want Times Square to be safer from terrorists, we need to start by helping make Pakistan safer as well.

People with links to Pakistan have been behind a hugely disproportionate share of international terror incidents over the last two decades: the 1993 and 2001 World Trade Center attacks; Richard Reids failed shoe bombing in 2001; the so-called Bojinka plot in 1995 to blow up 12 planes simultaneously; the 2005 London train and bus bombings; the 2001 attacks on the Indian Parliament; and attacks on two luxury hotels and a Jewish center in Mumbai in 2008.

So it came as little surprise that the suspect in the attempted car bombing in Times Square, Faisal Shahzad, is a Pakistani-American.

Why does an ostensible ally seem to constitute more of a threat than, say, Iran? Or Lebanon or Syria or Iraq? Or Egypt, birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood brand of militant Islam? Or the West Bank and Gaza, where resentment of Americas Middle East policies is centered?

One answer, I think, is that Pakistans American-backed military leader of the 1970s and 1980s, Gen. Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, drove the country off course, seeking to use fundamentalism as a way to buttress the regime. Instead of investing in education and infrastructure, he invested in religious sanctimony.

The public education system, in particular, is a catastrophe. Ive dropped in on Pakistani schools where the teachers havent bothered to show up (because they get paid anyway), and where the classrooms have collapsed (leaving students to meet under trees). Girls have been particularly left out. In the tribal areas, female literacy is 3 percent.

Theres an instructive contrast with Bangladesh, which was part of Pakistan until it split off in 1971. At that time, Bangladesh was Pakistanis impoverished cousin and seemed pretty much hopeless. Henry Kissinger famously described Bangladesh as an international basket case.

But then Bangladesh began climbing a virtuous spiral by investing in education, of girls in particular. It now has more girls in high school than boys, according to Unicef. This focus on education has bolstered its economy, reduced population growth rates, nurtured civil society and dampened fundamentalism.

Educated girls formed the basis of a garment industry, making shirts for Americans. This brought in currency, boosted employment and provided an economic lifeline to the country. Those educated girls went to work for poverty-fighting organizations like BRAC and the Grameen Bank.

In Pakistans tribal areas, you can hear American drones buzzing faintly overhead, a reminder of our focus on military solutions. Drones and hard power have their place, but not to the exclusion of schools and soft power. An important 2008 study from Rand, How Terrorist Groups End, concluded that military force has rarely been the primary reason for the end of terrorist groups.

I cant tell you how frustrating it is on visits to rural Pakistan to see fundamentalist Wahabi-funded madrassas as the only game in town. They offer free meals, and the best students are given further scholarships to study abroad at fundamentalist institutions so that they come back as respected scholars.

We dont even compete. Medieval misogynist fundamentalists display greater faith in the power of education than Americans do.

Lets hope this is changing under the Obama administration. Its promising that the Kerry-Lugar-Berman aid package provides billions of dollars for long-term civilian programs in Pakistan, although its still unclear how it will be implemented. One useful signal would be for Washington to encourage Islamabad to send not only troops to North Waziristan but also teachers.

We continue to be oblivious to trade possibilities. Pro-American Pakistanis fighting against extremism have been pleading for years for the United States to cut tariffs on Pakistani garment exports, to nurture the textile industry and stabilize the country. Pakistans foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, told me that his top three goals are market access, market access, market access. But Washington wants to protect North Carolina textile mills, so we wont cut tariffs on Pakistani goods. The technical word for that: myopia.

Education and lower tariffs are not quick fixes, sometimes not even slow fixes. But they are tools that can help, at the margins, bring Pakistan back from the precipice. It has been reassuring to see the work of people like Greg Mortenson, whose brave school-building in Pakistan and Afghanistan was chronicled in Three Cups of Tea. Ditto for Developments in Literacy, or D.I.L., which builds schools for girls in Pakistan that are the most exhilarating things Ive seen there.

It costs $1,500 to sponsor a D.I.L. classroom for a year, and thats just about the best long-term counterterrorism investment available.

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

NEW 364 page, 5th edition "THE WAR ON ISLAM"

FREE DOWNLOAD: 264 page, 3rd edition "THE WAR ON ISLAM"

Build Unity, Fight Racism!
Get On the Bus
>From LA to Arizona
Nat'l Protest vs SB1070
- Saturday May 29th
Buses Leave from LA Fri. May 28th

Arizona Students Protest
Students in Arizona protest racial profiling bill SB1070.

The Southern California Immigration Coalition is organizing buses to Phoenix, AZ for a national protest called on Saturday May 29th in Phoenix to protest SB1070 - the racist law that attacks immigrant workers.

As one of the organizations in the Southern California Immigration Coalition, the International Action Center/Bail Out the People Movement encourages everyone to show their solidarity with the immigrant community by saying NO to racism and joining the SCIC on Friday evening May 28th when buses will leave for Arizona

On May 1st hundreds of thousands already voiced their outrage over what amounts to apartheid in Arizona at Mayday demonstrations in California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona and everywhere in between. Opposition to this outrageous attack on workers rights and on civil and human rights is growing daily from the Phoenix Suns basketball team to the national leadership of Service Employees International Union, United Food and Commercial Workers, and a long list of multi-national grass roots and community organizations.

Make sure you are counted among the many thousands who will march in Phoenix on May 29th. Call and make your reservation today.

Please help spread the word over the next two weeks by volunteering as an organizer to help raise funds for the trip or sponsor an unemployed person or student. Call to find out how you can help turn back this racist attack. To volunteer to help raise funds or make a donation please call:

Union del Barrio (323) 602-3480; International Action Center (323) 306-6240

Partial List of Endorsers:
  • Rev. Eric Lee, California president Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC)
  • Hank Jones, former Black Panther and member of the San Francisco 8
  • Gloria Saucedo, Hermandad Mexicana Trans-Nacional
  • Labor Community Coalition - SEIU Local 721
Partial List of Initiating Organizations:
  • Union del Barrio
  • Mexican American Political Association
  • Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
  • Latinos Against the War
  • International Action Center/Bail Out the People Movement
Join the Growing List of Artists against the Arizona's Anti-Immigant Law SB1070
Bail Out the People Movement <actioncenter@action-mail.org>
View Contact

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Bail Out the  People Movement

Join the Growing List of Artists against the Arizona's Anti-Immigant Law SB1070

Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona ’s SB 1070 as of 5/13/2010

Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona ’s SB 1070 as of 5/13/2010

  • Absent Cause zine, Brooklyn, NY
  • Adelaide Windsome/ Geppetta, Multimedia Artist, Puppeteer, & Street Performer, Philadelphia , PA
  • Adhamh Roland, Singer/Songwriter/Activist Berkeley , CA
  • Alison Roh Park , Writer, New York , NY
  • Allison Davis, New York , NY
  • Andria Alefhi, Creator of the zine: We'll Never Have Paris, NY, NY
  • Anado McLauchlin, Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Angela Jimenez, Photographer/Freelance, Brooklyn, New York
  • Annalise Ophelian, Psy.D., Director/Producer, Diagnosing Difference, Floating Ophelia Productions, LLC
  • ArtAndStruggle.Com, Artist & Activist Collective
  • Auggie Kennedy, Chico , CA
  • Bernard J. Tarver, Actor/Writer, Member: AFTRA/AEA/SAG, New York , NY
  • Bet Power, Director & Curator, Sexual Minorities Archives, National collection of LGBTI literature, history, and art.
  • Brandon King, Community Organizer/Activist/Visual Artist- Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, New York , NY
  • Cecilia P Norris, Two spirited Native, First Peoples &Indigenous rights Activist, Writer, Slam Poet, Chapel Hill , NC
  • Celeste Chan, Multimedia Artist and Organizer, San Francisco
  • Charles M. Wilmoth, San Francisco , CA
  • Christine Stoddard, Writer and Interdisciplinary Artist, Richmond , VA
  • Dana Morrigan, Managing Editor, Genderfork.com, San Rafael , CA
  • Dante Alencastre, Filmmaker, En El Fuego(In The Fire), Los Angeles , CA
  • David “Spoonboy” Combs, Singer/Songwriter, Washington , D.C.
  • Deirdre Sinnott, Writer, New York , NY
  • Elaine Carol, Artistic Director, MISCELLANEOUS Productions, Vancouver, BC , Canada
  • Elliott Harvey, Vocalist & Writer of A Stick and A Stone, Philadelphia , PA
  • Encian Pastel, Storyteller, Oakland , CA
  • Eric Johns, Creator Dildo Machine zine & Filmmaker, Questionable Productions, Olney, Maryland
  • Malin Laney, Photographer, Eugene, OR
  • Evan Greer, Singer/Songwriter, Riot-Folk! Collective, AFM Local 1000, Boston , MA
  • Frances Varian, Poet, Essayist, Performer, Activist. Durham, North Carolina
  • Gina de Vries, Writer/Performer, San Francisco , CA
  • Good Asian Drivers Brooklyn , NY
  • Haley Koch, Performance Artist, Alice B. Collective, Chapel Hill , NC
  • Heather Cottin, Singer, Activist with the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights, Freeport , NY
  • Ignacio G. Rivera, Poly Patao Productions, Brooklyn , NY
  • Imani Henry, Activist, Writer, Performer, Brooklyn , NY
  • J.M. Giordano, Photographer, Baltimore , MD
  • Jae Sevelius, PhD, UCSF, San Francisco , CA
  • Jaimie Hashey, Editor and Writer of ButtRagMag, Musician with Burglepig
  • Jenna Brager, Cartoonist, Washington DC
  • Jonathan Wolfel / Independent Artist / Tucson , Arizona
  • Jules Rosskam, Artist/Educator/Activist, Brooklyn , NY
  • K. Ulanday Barrett, Educator/Performance Poet/Speaker/Writer, Jersey City . NJ.
  • Kentucky Fried Woman, Dancer, Performer & Producer, Oakland CA
  • Khalil Khan, Movement in Motion
  • Koba, Hip-Hop Producer and Performer, Harlem , NY
  • Laura-Marie, Creator of mental health zine, Functionally Ill, Sacramento , CA
  • Laura Schleifer, Writer/Theater Artist, New York , NY
  • Lena Bartula, Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato , Mexico
  • Leslie Feinberg, Nat'l Writers Union-UAW, Co-Founder Rainbow Flags for Mumia
  • Mark Gunnery, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Riot Folk/Odonian Records, Baltimore , MD
  • Mental Notes - Hip Hop Fusion Band
  • Micah Riot/Maya Rivina, Artist, San Francisco , CA
  • Minnie Bruce Pratt, National Writers Union, Syracuse , NY
  • Nomy Lamm, Writer/Musician, San Francisco , CA
  • Quail Bell Magazine, Richmond , VA
  • Red Durkin, Comedian, Oakland , CA
  • Reginald Harris, Poet and Writer, Baltimore MD
  • Ryan Harvey - Riot-Folk! Collective, Baltimore , MD
  • Sha Grogan-Brown, Co-Founder/On Point Consortium, Washington DC
  • Shawna Virago, Musician, San Francisco , CA
  • Shelley Ettinger, Writer, Queens , NY
  • Spiritchild, Founder of Movement in Motion, Artist & Activist collective
  • StormMiguel Florez, Musician, Performer, Producer, San Francisco , CA
  • Tha Truth, Political Hip Hop Artist, Philadelphia , PA
  • The Greater Washington Indie Arts Festival, Arlington , VA
  • The Shondes, Brooklyn , NY
  • Theater of Irregular Desire, Berkeley , CA
  • Tobi Vail, Olympia, WA
  • Viktoria Valenzuela, Founder of The Fresh Ink Poets and Writers, Oswego , NY
  • Vondora Jordan , Singer/Writer, Harlem, NY
  • YK Hong, Artist, Freedom Trainers, Brooklyn , NY
  • Zeraph Moore, Organizer, Bangor Media Collective, Bangor , ME

Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070 Statement

We believe, the decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to sign into law the poorly conceived immigration measure SB1070, marks a new low in the fight to protect civil liberties in The United States. This law allows any officer of the law at the state, county, or city level in Arizona to determine the legal immigration status of anyone at anytime, among other provisions, including making it a crime to be in Arizona illegally.

Millions of people everywhere believe it will lead to rampant racial profiling, particularly against people of Latino/a heritage. President Obama has called it "misguided." Furthermore, immigration is a national issue and the state of Arizona has no constitutional role in determining who has legal status in this country.

We are calling on members of the worldwide artistic community—whether visual, performing, literary or other discipline—to boycott the state of Arizona in opposition to this unjust legislation, for as long as it remains on the books. We ask artists to not perform, produce, present, appear or conduct business in Arizona so that lawmakers there understand that the rest of the country disapproves, so they will feel the economic impact of their bad decision. We call on talent agents, managers, publicists, unions and associations to also support this effort and the artists they represent who choose to join.

We also call on fans and supporters of the arts to contact their favorite performers and artists and encourage them to participate in this boycott. Fans can also show their support for the boycott by writing to Arizona Governor Brewer, and by supporting their favorite artists when they make appearances in other states.

The artistic community has a natural role to play in commenting and responding to social issues. Now more than ever the time is right to act.

To Sign-on & Endorse this Campaign as an organization, group or as an individual; please send your: Name, Title/Affiliation and City & State to


http://www.facebook.com/pages/Artists-Against-Arizonas-SB 1070/114160971948532?ref=ts

Here's why the death penalty isn’t working
Amnesty International USA <alerts@takeaction.amnestyusa.org>
Add to Contacts
To:amelia gora <hawaiianhistory@yahoo.com>

Amnesty International USA: TAKE ACTION NOW!
Missouri may have wrongfully executed someone at least once before1. And now Reggie Clemons stands to lose his life even though the case against him has uncovered more questions than answers.
Demand justice in the case of Reggie Clemons - don't let him be executed!

Dear amelia,

In April 1991 in St. Louis, Missouri, two young white women plunged from a bridge into the Mississippi River. Three African American youths, who may well be innocent, are paying for the crime - all sentenced to death. One man has been executed, one had his sentence reduced to life imprisonment and the third, Reggie Clemons, sits on death row right now, at risk of execution.

The case against Reggie is one with no physical evidence, two highly questionable witnesses - both of whom were initially charged with the crime - and a trail of alleged police coercion, misconduct from lawyers on both sides of the case, and racial inequities so sharp that a growing number of human and civil rights supporters, including actor, Danny Glover2, are taking notice and calling for immediate justice.

Help us stop the injustice and stop the execution of Reggie Clemons.

Earlier this week, we released an unflinching, new report3 that exposes the long list of the errors and gaping holes in Reggie's
What if they are wrong?
case. At the beginning of the list is the alleged police brutality against Reggie and other suspects during interrogation that resulted in a lawsuit and $150,000 settlement, but was not enough to halt criminal proceedings.

Reggie's trial was just as flawed. The brazen conduct of an overzealous prosecutor, all too common in death penalty cases which are highly politicized, raised a number of red flags. Four federal judges even agreed that the prosecutor's conduct was "abusive and boorish".

Furthermore, Reggie's own lawyer was later suspended from practicing law following numerous complaints. His co-counsel had a full-time job in another state when she represented Reggie.

If that wasn't enough, our report also uncovers the "stacked" jury, which did not come close to representing the racial composition of St. Louis - blacks were disproportionately dismissed during jury selection.

When you add up all of these factors, you begin to see how outrageous it is that Reggie is still sitting on death row after 17 years.

Tell Missouri's Governor to stop the injustice and stop the execution of Reggie Clemons.

Reggie's case contains an overwhelming number of factors commonly found in cases of wrongful conviction, where people who once sat on death row were later set free because they were found to be innocent:
  • Inadequate legal representation
  • Police and prosecutorial misconduct
  • Perjured testimony
  • Racial bias
In many ways, it is also reminiscent of the Troy Davis case - a man trapped on death row despite the fact that the case against him has completely fallen apart. Just as our support has made all the difference in the world for Troy - most recently helping to grant him a new hearing4, where he will finally be able to present evidence that may prove his innocence - we can generate the same momentum for Reggie, but we must act quickly.

Send an email to Missouri's Governor and demand that he stop the execution of Reggie Clemons before it is too late.

Thank you for taking action to protect human rights.

Brian Evans
Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA






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Kanaka Maoli Info:
From: Amelia Kuulei Gora <hawaiianhistory@yahoo.com>
Subject: Fwd: IOLANI - The Royal Hawk Vol II No. 149 Wednesday - Aboriginal Hawaiian Land Claims/Project September 19, 2007 (posted September 21, 2007)
Date: Sunday, June 14, 2009, 10:30 PM

--- In Hawaiian_Genealogy_Society-akg@yahoogroups.com, amelia gora wrote:


The following article was posted in the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk.

This message is being sent again because the EXHIBIT section was not covered.

The legal documents should contain the following in the following order:

1) Cover page (covers ancestors name, RP/Royal Patent Number, LCA/ Land Commission Award number

2) Affidavit/Certification (family genealogies)

3) Heirs and Assigns page

4) EXHIBITS (Write EXHIBITS in top right hand corner):
a. RP/Royal Patent LCA/Land Commission Award brief history (shows names of deceased owners and successors)
b. Survey Notes (obtain from the Archives, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii) which shows the map, dimensions of the land(s). (ask the Archivist how to obtain your survey notes..... also ask how to look at the books available documenting awards from the Great Mahele/ Kamehameha III period, an extra step to take is to find out the testimonies in regards to the parcel(s)/lands belonging to your families.


6) Xerox two (2) or more sets. The notary usually wants to do only two (2) for a set. If more copies are needed for family members, you could make copies after the notary signs the documents, and even after the filing is completed.

7) obtain a notary signature from your Credit Union, bank --- First Hawaiian Bank has a preferred customer account that you may be able to qualify for......worth it because the cost of a Notary will be nothing/free..........at the Credit Unions and some banks also give free notary signature......cousin paid about $50 a couple of weeks ago ---$5 per notary signature.

8) take the two (2) sets of documents to the Bureau of Conveyances, Regular System section and pay $25 for a set which covers up to 20 pages. Any amount of pages over 20 will cost $1 per page.

9) The Bureau of Conveyances located on Punchbowl Street is open in the mornings till 3:30 p.m. They do not accept documents later than that time. (Mondays-Fridays (Holidays closed)).

aloha and malama pono.

p.s. Kindly disperse info/e-mail(s) to all your families/friends/other Hawaiian aboriginal /kanaka maoli.


IMPORTANT... ......... ..I M P O R T A N T>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT!



Prepare your legal documents through Affidavits/Certific ations utilizing the following format after documenting your genealogies, notarizing your signature and file by paying $25 for 20 pages at the Bureau of Conveyances, Miller Street, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

The format, including updated JURAT page:

********* **
Aboriginal Hawaiians/kanaka maoli land claims. Use the following as an example only... insert your own names, genealogies, etc in your documentation:

The following pages are formats to be used in filing documents at the Bureau of Conveyances. The cost is $25 for 20 pages. The hours of filing is Monday thru Fridays until 3:30 P.M.

page 1


____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ___

He Mokupuni Pae Aina O Hawaii
c/o Francis Keoua Gora, Amelia Kuulei Gora
P.O Box 861066
Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii 96786 Total Pages: ____________

____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ___

Declaration/ Affidavit/ Notice of Francis Keoua Gora,
Declaration/ Affidavit/ Notice of Amelia Kuulei Gora,
Kamehameha III to (your ancestors name)

____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _

Affecting the right, title and interest of the lands under the name Leileiohoku, etals., the Public Land Trust, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, STATE OF HAWAII & ALL OTHER PARTIES CLAIMING INTEREST IN THESE LANDS, in and to the property filed in the Office of the Assistant Registrar of the Land Court as follows:

(on to page 2)

Declaration/ Affidavit
of Heirs & Assigns
(your ancestors name)

Notice is hereby given in the presence of the almighty
Iesu Kristo and beffore, during and after the expressed truth is
submitted in this undertaking, that in the _______day of _September_in the
year of our lord two thousand and seven, that the following declaration
in the form of an affidavit is made first hand knowledge in truth, with
clean hands and in good faith. However, if for any reason this
document should raise any questions as to form, as a declaration or an
affidavit then the requirement is made for the benefit of the contents within
this file to support the latter and their heirs and or assigns,
Kamehameha III to (your ancestors name/name land is under)

Heirs and Assigns of (your ancestors name/name land under)

1. WHEREAS; ______, aka's, kane is the son of _________, kane and __________, wahine.
2. WHEREAS;____ _______, aka's, kane is the husband of _____, wahine.
3. WHEREAS; ________, kane is the son of __________, kane and _____, wahine, and is by and through his birth, a direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect interest and rights to(your ancestors names) ________, kane and _________, wahine.
4. WHEREAS; _____, kane is the husband of ____________ , wahine.
5. WHEREAS; ______, kane is the paternal father of __________, kane
and is by and through his birth, direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect
interest and rights to __________, kane and _________, wahine.
6. WHEREAS; _______, Kane is the paternal father of ____________ _, wahine and is by and through her birth, a direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect interest
and rights to _________, kane and _________, wahine.
7. WHEREAS; ____________ _____, wahine is the maternal mother of ______,kane, and is by and through his birth, a direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect interest and rights to _______, kane and ___________, wahine.
8. WHEREAS; ____________ ___, wahine is the maternal mother of ________, kane and is by and through his birth, a direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect interest and rights to (your ancestors names/ancestors whose name is on the lands, kane and __________, wahine.
9. WHEREAS; __________, kane is the
paternal father of ____________ __, wahine and is by and through his birth, a direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect interest and rights to (ancestors names/ancestors whose name is on the lands) kane and ____________ _, wahine.
10. WHEREAS; ____________ ____, kane is the paternal father of ____________ _, kane and is by and through his birth, a direct heir and assign having and holding a perfect interest and rights to (your ancestors names/ancestors whos name is on the lands), kane and _________, wahine.

(end of 2nd or 3rd page)

page 3 or 4:

(your name)

(your name/spouse name) (Wahine) (H1) ________(Kane)

1A. ____________ ___ (Wahine or kane)

2A. ____________ ____(Wahine or Kane)


2a1. __________ (Wahine or Kane)
2a2. __________ (Wahine or Kane)
2a3. ___________( Wahine or Kane)
2a4. ____________ (Wahine or Kane)

3A. ____________ _________ _(Wahine or Kane)

4A. ____________ _________ __(Wahine or Kane)

5A. ____________ _________ __(Wahine or Kane)


(end of page)

page 5 /6 +

ROYAL PATENT / RP and LCA/Land Commission Awards Brief History

RP 356 LCA 2113

Kamehameha III to Keawe

Keawe (dec.)

son: David Keawe (dec.)

grandaughter: Mele Keawe (dec.)

great grandaughter: Mary Kauweloa (dec.)

Successors/Surviving descendants:

great great grandaughter: Mary XXXX

great great great grandaughter: Amelia XXXX

great great great great grandaughter(s)/grandson(s): names

---end of page---

page 5 or 6


/Acknowledgement of Notary for identification purposes only

He Mokupuni Pae Aina o Hawaii )
(132+ islands since 1810)


State of Hawaii )
: SS.
City and County of Honolulu )

I, Me, We, Amelia Kuulei Gora, Francis Keoua Gora, heir(s) and assign(s) on our own
unlimited free will and act found to be in good and due form, hereby certify attest assert and
declare, as witness by all our hands and seals, that I, me, we have read the above
Declaration/ Affidavit and all know the contents to be correct and complete and not
misleading, to be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the presence of God.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the heirs have executed these documents in accordance with the
above paragraph on this ___5th___ day of ____September_ __, 2007.

____________ _________ _________ ________
Amelia Kuulei Gora, Heir

____________ _________ _________ _________
Francis Keoua Gora, Heir

: SS.

On this ___5th____ day of ____September_ __, 2007, before me personally
appeared Amelia Kuulei Gora, and Francis Keoua Gora, to me known to be the persons
described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledges that the State
Notary Public is for identification purposes only. Use of Notary Public does not authorize
the jurisdiction of any entity over the heirs. The heirs are the sovereign bodies of the Royal
Families of the Crown of He Mokupuni Pae Aina o Hawaii, as established by H.R.M. King
Kamehameha III son of H.R.M. King Kamehameha I, who entered into International Treaty
with the United States signed at Washington December 20, 1849, ratified by the President
of the United States on February 4, 1850 and entered into force August 24, 1850.

____________ _________ _________ _________ _____
Notary Public, State of Hawaii

My Commission expires:____ _________ _________ _

Print name of Notary: ____________ _________ _____

end of page________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _

*note: credits to Cousins Nani/Ewalani K.; Alfred Spinney; Shane Lee; others from Maui, Big Island, Molokai, etc.


************ ********* ********* ********* ********* *********
****************************** *****
"Living in a Sovereign Land" around da island p4
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****************************** ******
Legal Notice



735 Bishop St # 419
Honolulu, HI 96813-4824
Tel: (808) 526-3239

Legal Notice
Hawai'i  Forever - Hawai'i 78

Bruddah Waltah - Hawaiian Lands
Hawaiian Islands chain Song is from Bruddah Waltah & Island Afternoon ...
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Just for Laffs


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Serious Stuff
Blue Man  Group video featured on "Earth To America!"
You saw it on 'Earth To America!', now see it here. The Blue Man Group really gets the message across loud and clear with ...
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****************************** ***************************

Greg Wongham

bullet Bio
Producer/host of a public access (Olelo) TV show called "Corruption in Hawaii." &nb sp;
Has spent the last 6 years exposing different aspects of the Hawaii machine.
Also running for a Trustees position in the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA).
bullet Contact
Mailing Address:
Corruption in Hawaii
2333 Kapiolani Blvd. #3416
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 951-6299
http://www.greatert hings.com/ News/Clinton_ Scandals/ Riadi_Hawaiian_ Link/greg. htm http://www.the- catbird-seat. net/IndonesianCo nnection. htmhttp://www.the- catbird-seat. net/GE.htmhttp://www.the- catbird-seat. net/BrokenTrust. htmhttp://www.greatert hings.com/ News/Clinton- Scandals/ Riadi-Hawaiian_Link/ greg.htmGreg states that "the number-one purveyor of broadcast news in this
country-- NBC, with both MSNBC and CNBC under its wing, as well as NBC news and a variety of "news magazines"-- is now owned and controlled by General Electric, one of the nation's largest defense contractors. Is it not significant that as GE's various media subsidiaries predictably lined up to cheerlead the use of U.S. military force in Kosovo, it was at the same time posting substantial profits from the sale of the high tech of modern

warfare it so shamelessly
~ ~ "You know the one thing that is wrong with this country? Everyone gets a chance to have their fair say." -- President William J. Clinton ~ ~ ~ "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." -- Former CIA Director William Colby ~ ~ ~ For more on THE MEDIA,
GO TO > > > Parrots in the News Room For more on THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, GO TO






work....he is one of the heirs of Kamehameha. check out the links and sister groups....i found those fascinating and awestruck at many other researchers whose work must not go unnoticed. aloha. ps. GE / General Electric plays a significant role in the OIL concerns and the PLUNDERING UPON S in the Middleeast and elsewhere. General Electric is the "umbrella" over NBC and many other organizations.
http://www.wanttoknow.info/ 50226fredburkswsj
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