News Feed…/pirates-alexander-baldwin-and-… Breaking News: A U.S. Corporation identity thieves the Kingdom of Hawaii .....the Territory turned State did it in 1900 as "the successor of the Kingdom of Hawaii" and in 2007 the corporation claims to be the "Sov. Kingdom of Hawaii" --- Terrorists are they Not? All you Sovereign activists as well as those opposing the One World Order, etc. suggest everyone look into this.............EVIL, beyond EVIL.....
Amelia Gora
EDIT: I am almost to one million views. Holy crap! OKAY PEOPLE!! Listen, I just made…
Paul Cullen State owns nothing !
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Keli Akina Mahalo Amelia for you continued research of history to uncover the dirty lies they created.
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Maria Taylor ..and obviously, the resources.
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Michael Alika Simon Jr. I know hate is a strong word but, I hate A&B! They stole almost all our Ohana lands...
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Amelia Gora Michael Alika Simon and your family have to gather the prima facie evidence....the RP, LCA, and Survey notes......if its a grant, then get the grant and survey notes...get certified....then if it says Ano Alodio or Alodio, that means you and ...See More
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Amelia Gora Williamson Chang fyi - important 
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Keoki Cortez ...and they're trying to corner the hemp market in Hawai'i. Pulling the wool over everyone's eyes! Keeping water rights! Pilau! ...the worst thing is that Maui people bought in to it with promises of jobs! Now you know the whole story!
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